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March 14,2011
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(Throwing the spear to dry the ocean)

Some months passed after Ukkirapandiyan took up the responsibility. Ukkirapandian gave a good administration just like his father. His wife conducted herself in such way that brought fame for her own family as well as in law’s family. Ukkirapandiyan performed 96 yaagas successfully for the prosperity of Madurai. After performing four more yaagas, then he has to perform Aswametha Yaagam only with which he can bring Indra Loham also under his control. That was his plan. Capturing a country is not his plan or desire. If Indra Loham comes under his control then he can ensure that it rains in Pandyan kingdom three times in a month(maatham mummari in tamil) and thereby the people will in prosperity. This was his idea in capturing Indra Loham. This is possible only if he catches the place of Indra, the god for Rains.Indran came to know of this plan of Ukkirapandiyan. He also knows the power and strength of Ukkirapandiyan. Being an incarnation of Lord Muruga he can do and achieve anything. He decided to take the necessary steps to protect his post. He called Lord Varuna, and told “Varuna, you go to Madurai. There the seven seas brought by Soma sundarar are there. Make them over flow and destroy Madurai. Otherwise Indra loham will come under the possession of Ukkira Pandiyan.

Then we will become slaves under him. So protect your post also”. Varunan who could not disobey the order of Lord Indran went to Madurai. One day at night  Ukkira pandiyan and Kanthimathi were sleeping in their beds. There was pin drop silence at the mid night, as if even ghosts have gone to sleep. A thundering noise was heard from the Ezhu kadal. Soma sundarar appeared in the dream of the king and ordered “ my son, Indran has planned to destroy by making the Ezhu kadal over flow. Just throw the Vel (spear) on the sea and make it go dry.’ On hearing this order of Soma sundarar the king got a shock and panicked. Immediately Ukkira Pandiyan got up, and went towards the Ezhu kadal accompanied by Minister Sumathi and others along with the spear(Vel). The water from the ezhu kadal came gushing towards Madurai.On seeing this the king and others got bewildered. Thinking Soma sundarar in his mind, The king threw the vel towards the rising sea water. As son as the tip of the vel touched the sea water the entire water of the ezhu kadal got dried up without a trace of even a drop of water. Both the king and others shouted loudly. They praised both Somasundarar and Meenakshi. The citizens of Madurai came to know of this incident only the next day morning. They saw a big land in front of them and also the disappearance of ezhu kadal. On hearing the news of the rise of the water from ezhu kadal and how Ukkira Pandiyan controlled , they praised him lavishly. The King registered the entire land where once the Ezhu kadal stood in favour of Meenakshi temple. Fate once again played in the life of the king. Even though Gods take incarnation as human beings they are also subject to the control planets. It is a law enshrined in astrology. Even ukkira Pandiyan had to sumbit himself for this law. Since the effects of the planets were not in his favour, he had to face lot of problems and difficulties. He had to face them one after another. He faced a problem which shook his government just as even Tirumal who was born as a human being faced a problem that forced him to go to the forest.       

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