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March 14,2011
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When the news that a search is on for a suitable bride for ukkira varman, many kings wished to give their daughters as bride for him, started sending the portraits  and horoscopes of their daughter. The number of the portraits and horoscopes received when kept as a heap, it looked like a miniature mountain. The ministers were studying and analyzing them. While this exercise was going on, Lord Sundareswara along with his consort Parvathi mounted on their vehicle Bull in the dream of Somasekar who was ruling the area called Manavoor. The Lord told him “Somasekara/ Give your daughter Kanthimathi as bride to the son of Sundara pandiyan ruling Madurai. She will have a good future and life”. Already, he was worried over the marriage prospects of her daughter. On hearing this news given by the God in his dream he felt very happy. He conveyed this news to the minister Sumathi at Madurai.  Sumathi also examined both the horoscopes for their agreement and found that both horoscopes matched very well. Her portrait itself revealed that she should be a beautiful woman. Sumathi informed Sundara Paniyan that this girl will be a suitable match for his son. Sundara  pandiyan ordered that they should start immediately to see the girl in person and all works in that regard should commence immediately. Somasekaran coveyed his wife Kanthimathi the news that the minister of the King of Madurai and relatives of the king are arriving to see their daughter.  

Her cheeks became red due to shyness.  She shed joyful tears thinking what more best luck can there be, than becoming the wife of Sundara Pandiyan’s son who is an incarnation of God himself. Meanwhile some of the ministers of Somasekar informed him that it is a custom to keep the function at the brides house. Yet since the God himself had advised you to celebrate this marriage, we will go with the bride to the bridegrom’s house. We will be meeting the Minister on the way. So let us take her also along with us to Madurai and meet Somasundarar and Thadaathagai Pratti and will have talks  to finalise this marriage proposal. That will be the right thing to do. The king also felt that this is a good suggestion. Immediately they started the journey plans. King Somasekar along with his daughter and other kith and kin started for Madurai. Cars(Ther in tamil) went very fast. When they crossed the border of Manavu and before entering the border Madurai , Minister Sumathi also came there. Sumathi thought that “ our job has become easy. If the bride herself comes in a car, not only both Somasundarar and Thadathagai will f eel happy but also will have a  look at the bride/girl. And if both the bride and bridegroom see each other themselves, tomorrow no one will find fault with me”.  Identifying Somasundarar the bride groom, Sumathi went before  him smiled at him and extended a warm welcome.

Though the person standing before him is a minister, Somasundarar got down from his car and wished him humbly. The Minister Sumathi looked at the girl standing near the king. Not only he,  but all the others who accompanied him on seeing Kanthimathi though a Princess she exhibited her humbleness felt happy. Even though she is the daughter in law of  Somasundarar’s house(who is the king of the world)she wished the Minister. Then all of them left for Madurai. Sumathi, the minister sent some people in advance to inform their arrival to the  king well in advance. They also went and informed the king accordingly. Both Somasundarar and Thadaathagai prepared themselves to receive the girl. All the  Lights were lit in the palace and the palace shone brightly. Since the people were informed by the beating of drums about the arrival they started erecting welcome arches everywhere. Within the appointed time every thing was done. The king of Manavur came with his daughter to Madurai and reached the palace. Somasundarar welcomed them whole heartedly. Thadathagai Pratti felt proud at the thought that her daughter’s beauty excelled her beauty. Ukkira Pandiyan was sitting in his room controlling his desire to see his would be. Those sitting around him understood his urgency and were talking in a playful manner. Kanthimathi’s state of mind was also like this only.

“uncle has seen the aunt. Where will he be? That beautiful person when will he com?” with these in her mind and desire in her mind, she was rotating her eyes without anyone knowing it. Not that both Somasundarar and Thadathagai failed to watch this. It was decided to conduct the betrothal ceremony immediately. Having understood the urgency in the mind of Kanthimathi,  Thadathagai asked his son to come immediately. Though Kanthimathi expressed her shyness outwardly by looking down the earth, her eyes were raised looking  at the path through he is going to come. Ukkiravarman with a broad smile in his face and with folded hands was coming. After bowing his parents he bowed his father in law and all other important persons who have accompanied his father in law. Whle the king of Madurai, the king Manavur and Ukkiavarman were sitting in their thrones, Thadaathagai prattiyar,kanthimathi and all other women were seated on the  wollen bed spreads on the floor. This incident shows the respect given by female members to the male members during olden times.  After the betrothal ceremony was over and the auspicious day for the marriage was fixed the bride side took leave from the bride groom side. Just as Lord Rama and Sita looked at each other with their eyes before their marriage, so did Ukkiravarman’s and Kanthimathi’s eyes looked  at each other.  The guru for celestials Brugaspathi who came to take part in the function praised Kanthimathi very well. He said that Kanthimathi had all physiognomy(saamuthriga lakshanam in tamil) and her husband will live for a very long time with fame.

Because of this their joy doubled. After the betrothal day till the wedding day there is a long interval. All marriage couples will go through this ordeal of a long wait and will find it to pass on the same  with difficulty. Ukkiravarman and Kanthimathi were no exception. They were waiting for the wedding day . The expected auspicious day also came. All celestials including Lord Brahma came to attend the marriage. They sat before Agni homa gunda(Pit) and were reciting the manthras. Both the bride and bridegroom came to the marriage dias fully decorated. Ukkiravarman tied the nuptial  knot to his wife. Thadaathagai  eyes were full of tears because of joy. The father Somasekaran also had the same feeling. Is there any doubt in the fact that at  the time of tying the nuptial knot the emotional feeling that they get will be much higher than the feeling that they got on the day they gave birth to them. All the guests who came to attend the marriage left for their homes after the marriage was over. Somasundarar who is none other than Lord Shiva and Thadaathagai Pratti who is none other Goddess decided to return their world as the duty for which they came to this world  was completed. By telling this to his son, Ukkiravarman he told “Ukkiravarman Here after you will be the king of Madurai. After adorning the crown on your head, we will return back to Sivalokam.” Getting separated from the parents is a difficult proposition. Kanthimathi also felt sad. The Minister and the citizens of Madurai on hearing this news felt very sad.  Thadaathagai consoled them and said “Just as fishes protect their younger ones without closing their eyes even for a second, I will also protect you,.”

Somasundarar will arrive here as Chokkanathar and will rule,  without you ,are even aware of it. . We will enshrine ourselves in this temple. Both the citizens and others consoled themselves. On an auspicious day the coronation of Ukkiravarman took place. At that time Somasundarar said to his son Ukkiravarman “Ukkiravarma? Take this Vel(spear) and bangle and flower bouquet. A day will come when the seas will engulf Madurai city. At that time if you throw this Vel on the sea it will retreat back. Lord Indra out of jealousy will give you trouble. At that time throw this bangle on his crown and bring him under your control. With this flower bouquet break the Meru Mountain. It will give troubles to people because of his ego. At that time this will be useful for you. Ukkiravarman received them with reverence. After the coronation was over, Ukkiravarman was known as Ukkiravarma Pandiyan. Then both Somasundara pandiyan and Thadaathagai went inside the temple and disappeared. They were praised as Chokkanathar and Meenakshi. Chokkanathar assumed the form of Lingam.  

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