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March 14,2011
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Kanchanamalai was unhappy. Seven seas have come. Now one  can take bath. But do you know what the sasthras tell?  Whether one is  going to have a dip in a holy river, or going to temple it is necessary to go as a couple. Malayathwajan is no longer in this world (had already died). What will Kanchanamalai will do? Inspite of bringing  seven seas it will be a useless exercise to take bath in it without her husband . Tears rolled down from her eyes.  She invited the devotees of Lord Shiva (sivanadiyaargal in tamil) “Devotees your hearts  are as pure white as sacred ash. The Lord brought the seven seas for my sake. If one has to take bath in them one should do so, along with the husband. So say all scriptures. You know that it is not possible in my case. Is there any alternative for this? “ She asked them. Having understood her sorrow, they told her “Do not worry for this. Those women who do not have husbands alive, can take bath in holy waters by clasping the hand of their sons. Sasthras permit this. We know that you do not have son but only daughter. Under such circumstances it is enough to take bath by touching the tail of  a cow’s calf. This method of taking holy bath will bestow the same benefits.

You make the necessary for that”. Kanchanamalai’s  shed more tears now. She went to her daughter Thadathagai and said “ My daughter, I have lost my husband. I do not have male issues. I was pushed toa situation of taking bath in holy waters by touching the tail of a cow’s calf. But my mind does’nt agree for this proposal. Just consult your husband and let me know any other best alternative from him. I am prepared to accept  any suggestion that he tells and obey his orders accordingly. The daughter felt sad having come to know of the sorrow of her mother. Goddess Meenakshi who is protecting her citizens, Just as a Fish protects its younger ones, went towards and told him “Lord. You brought seven seas to Madurai for the sake of my mother. But she feels sad that she has to take bath by touching cow’s calf,since her husband is not alive and also not having any male issue for her. You should arrange an alternative for this. “  The Lord who grants the wishes asked for, by those who belive in him, decided to fulfill her wish. He just saw Indran and he came running to him. The Lord said “Indra My mother in law wants to take bath in holy river. If bathing is done with husband together then only purity will be obtained .  Please send, in a puspaka vimanam Malayathwajan who is now in heaven with all due respects.” He did as per his order, Malayathwajan landed himself on the banks of Ezhu kadal.

The proverb that if any cries for any number of years, the dead person will not come back alive, became a false proverb by the grace of Lord Shiva. On seeing her husband Kanchanamalai wept bitterly. She prostrated before him. Thadaathagai on seeing her father became emotional. Malayathwajan worshipped Lord Shive. He told “”O” Lord I am not worried that I do not have a  son. Because I am proud for having a daughter. I am fortunate to have you as my son in law. I want your blessings.” So saying he went near the Lord to prostrate at his legs. Lord Shiva went back few steps. “ My Father in law? I have come to the earth taking a human form. You are my father in law. A father in law is equivalent in status to one’s father. So it is I who should offer my respects to you. I will not allow you to fall at my feet with my status as Lord Shiva.” Lord shiva has set an example  to all of us as how son in laws should respect their father in laws. Then he invited all devotees of Lord Shiva (Sivanadiyaar in tamil) and told them to perform the holy bath for them. As per the order of Lord Shiva they performed the holy bath for Kancahanamala and Malaythwajan. Then both Kanchanamalai and Malayathwajan got Mukthi. Thadathagai pratti’s eyes were full of tears. She felt sad that she got separated from her parents. Yet she prostrated at the feet of Lord Shiva , her husband and thanked him for having given them Mukthi(no rebirth). Then she told her husband Sundara Pandiyan” My Love/ My parents have gone to sivalokam now. I do not have brothers. The Pandya kingdom heredity should not come to an end or to a close. You should bless for progeny so that our heredity continues”.

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