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March 14,2011
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A sage by the name Gauthamar met the queen Kanchanamaalai. This Gauthamar was the husband of Agalikai, who was cursed to become a stone and later with the blessings of Sri Rama got back her original form. He had the power even to curse even Lord Indran if he also commits mistake. A very great tapasvi(sage). He had come to attend the marriage of Lord Shiva and after attending the marriage bid farewell from Shiva, and as a mark of respect met Kanchanamalai also. She invited him and took him inside the palace, made him to sit on a  seat which was in an elevated position. She sat on a small seat. When elders are  sitting  in a higher level seat smaller one should sit in the floor only as a mark of respect. The respect that we give to elders will fetch us their blessings and virtues. Kanchanamalai told him “My daughter Meenakshi’s wedding went on very well. The Lord Shiva himself has become my son in law. Golden days are ahead for Madurai. So I want Mukthi and no rebirth. You should advice me the ways to attain and achieve the same.” After celebrating the marriages of sons and daughters, we should not interfere in their married life. Rather we should under take very seriously divine worship to attain Mukthi. It is very clear from this that this is the lesson we should learn. After the marriage when the daughter in law has arrived to our house, if we interfere into the activities of daughter in law and son in law then peace will be lost in the family. This is the lesson that we get from this incident. The sage understood the mind of Kanchanamalai and the thoughts there in.

“O” Queen  You are fortunate enough to have Lord Shiva as your son in law and Goddess Meenakshi as your daughter. I  am not fit enough to offer advice. Yet when Gnanam is asked for It is the duty to offer the same. Now I will tell you three ways to attain Mukthi. Do charity, Speak always Truth, Meditate on God, Control the mind and reduce the desires. This is one method. Reciting the manthram SHIVAYA NAMAHA daily, Reciting the Vedas, Performing Yagnas. This is the second method. Performing the archana to Lord Shiva with Bilva leaves. Circumambulating the temple, Going to Holy places, Taking bath in holy rivers. This is the third method. In this taking bath in a place where there is sea. After he left Kanchanamalai came back to her daughter. “ Meenakshi I have a desire in my mind. I want to attain Mukthi(no rebirth). As per the advice of sage Gauthama taking holy bath will be the first path. And that too taking bath in a place where there is river and sea will bring the good fortune. With the blessings of your husband Holy River Vaigai is already flowing in Madurai. But there is no sea in Madurai. If there is a sea here then I will take bath in it and attain Mukthi the route to achieve birthless state(no rebirth). If there are male members (sons) they will fulfill the desire of their mothers. But Meenakshi is male for a male and female for female.

After the marriage without going to her husband’s place Kailash, she made her husband also to stay at Madurai along with her.  The bridegroom is Mahadevan. Will the seas not come rushing here if he just orders them to come. She told her mother’s wish to her husband.  He also decided to fulfill the desire his mother in law. “ Seas you please rush to Madurai” He ordered. Not one or two. Seven seas rushed towards to Madurai. There was very big noise every where.  The waves danced. The conch shells and pearls rubbed against each other. The noise made by their rubbing was heard beyond the boundary. They could not see the sea, but could hear the noises they made. They had utter shock in their life.  They rushed towards Lord sudaresar and said “ My Lord What is this? Whether the time has come for the world to perish? “. Sundaresar controlled the seas. “ Be remain calm. You go to the wells situated out side the Meeenakshi temple and remain inside those wells. “ Roared Sundaresar. There after no noise was heard. People felt happy. They went and saw the place directed by him. The well there was bubbling with water and the well was full also. Kanchanamalai  prayed the merciful Lord. She went along with her soldiers to the well. If one just crosses the PuduMandapam just opposite the eastern tower one will enter EZHU KADAL STREET. That street is there even today for every one to see even to day.  

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