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March 15,2011
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All the people had their meals. Though lakhs of people who came to attend the marriage had their meals, still there were large amount of food remained as  left over. How many times one served the food, still it appeared that the original prepared quantity remained as such. It looked as if it was a magic. The cooks got astonished. They rushed to Queen Meenakshi to make a complaint about this. When Meenakshi went yo the kitchen, and saw she found that though lakhs of people have had their food, yet it appeared that the original quantity of food that was there before serving the meals remained as such without reduction in any quantity. How does she know that it was God’s leelas. Sundarewarar remained there as if he does know anything about it. Meenakshi went to her husband with shyness, and told him “Swami. In my house the food that we cooked remains as such. Though lakhs of guests from the bride groom have partaken the food how it is possible for the quantity of food remain as such it was at the end of cooking. It is really a wonder. To waste food is a crime and sin. You are aware of that. It is as if we are finding fault with Annapoorani Godess for food). You should find a way to liquidate this food.  

It appeared that there was arrogance in her apeech. If there was even a little bit arrogance in man he can not reach God. He will give problems to remove that arrogance.  God thought of playing a small game with his wife. He told her “ is it so? Did you cook a huge quantity of foof? All have partaken the food. O.K. Le me enquire my  as my monsters.{Bootha ganam in tamil). And he acted as if he is enquiring his monsters. All except Kundotharan told him that they have taken food. Since Kundotharan was busy with lot of marriage preparation related work he thought of taking food a little later.  Sundareswarar said “ What work you are doing even forgetting to take food? Go first  eat your food. Then you can continue with your pending works.” When Kundotharan was preparing himself to go and the food, Meenakshi told her husband “Just because this one person is going to eat will the remaining food will be finished. There will still people who have not taken food. Please ask all of them also to come” .

Sundareswarer smiled and said “ Let him first eat. I will enquire who have not have taken food and send them also”. As soon as Kundotharan entered the kitchen he became more hungry. Kundotharan consumed all the remaining food himself, He started shouting “I am yet hungry. I am not able bear the hunger pain. Is it not the duty of the host to feed all the guests who have come to attend the marriage full meals to their heart and stomach content? Immediately cooking was started once again for his sake. But that was also over in a few minutes time, Kundotharan himself consuming the whole food cooked for the second time. Meenakshi and other members of the palace had a shock of their life on seeing this wonder. Is it possible for a single person to consume the entire quantity of food in such a manner. They all got tired by cooking again and again. All the raw materials purchased and kept in the palace for cooking food was completely was over. Meenakshi smelt a rat in this incident. She understood that there is some secrecy in this.

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