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March 15,2011
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Both Kanchana malai who gave birth a world mother, and the world mother Thadathagai became very sad and words cannot express sadness for having lost their family head. Thadathagai performed personally the rites that has to be done for a dead. Now she has lost her father and she and her house will miss him, and the house will have no male member as such. If marriage is performed for the daughter(Thadathagai),a male member will be there in the form of son in law. He will look after Thadathagai very well. Kanchana malai felt that it will be a good idea to get her married and expressed her desire to Thdathagai. The daughter told her “ As a Mother you have expressed your desire  and duty. But It is my duty to keep up the promise that I have made to father. As desired by my father I have to travel through out the world and bring all the kingdoms under my rule. So you bless me and bade me. After my return the marriage will take place as per your wish and desire. The mother also did not stand in the way of her daughter’s wish and desire. Sumathi, the minister made all the preparations  for the battle. After getting her mother’s blessings She started for the battle. All her four forms of army accompanied her with all fanfare.

On seeing the army of Thadathagai all the enemies got frightened and surrendered to her. Having won all the kingdoms in the earth she left for the celestial world. Lord Indra who advised Malayathwajan that if he performs Puthra kamesti Yaagam he will be blessed with a child, also was thoroughly shaken. He got frightened thinking that the child which was born as per his advice  is herself coming towards him to wage a battle with him. He left his post and hid himself. Thadathagai acquired the sanga nithi, Paduma Nithi, Kamadenu and Karpaga tree owned by Indran for her self.She made all the celestial women as her servants and asked them to accompany her as her servants. Then to acquire the Kailash mountain also with her she started with her army. There was shoutings such as Hail to Thee Thadathagai pratti, Hail to thee Minister Sumathi which reverberated  in the whole of sky. As soon as she reached Kailash, Lord Shiva welcomed her with full of smiles. She could not feel, that Lord Sundarewarar also had accompanied her in her car without her knowledge right from Madurai. Nand Thevar who was also not aware of this got frightened on seeing the army. “ Such an army has arrived. You are welcoming this woman who had come to make us her slaves. They have entered  with out minding my uninterrupted vigilance.(kattu kaavalin tamil). What should we do now?” so said Nandhi Thevar and  sought his advice.

Lord Shiva told him that since they have come to wage a battle we should face it. “ You may also start with our army.” Lord Shiva performed this drama to bring to the attention the world the valour of Sakthi Devi. Thadathagai chased away the entire army headed by Nandhi Thevar. All the Shiva Ganas ( Herdsof Shiva)  hid themselves elsewhere. Thadathagai destroyed all the weapons of Sun, Moon, Agni, Varunan(Rain God). The valour of Shiva Ganas is no match with the valour of Thadathagai. Finally as there was no alternative  Lord Shiva left to wage a battle with her. A strange thing happened when he stood before her. One of her breasts (out of the three she had) disappeared. She became shy, dropped her arms and stood with her facing down the earth. Minister Sumathi was astonished. He knows the secret of Meenakshi. She understood that The person standing before her (thadathagai) is none other than Lord Shiva and she will only marry him, Thadathagai fell at the feet of Lord Shiva with a bowed head.

The valour she had so far in her, got  changed into a love. The message we get from this incident is that even if one wins the world and brings it under his palm finally he has to surrender to God. Lord Shiva declared that he is going to marry her. Thereafter Meenakshi returned back to Madurai. Mother Kanchana welcomed her daughter who has returned with success in the endeavour that she took. Not only she had captured the whole world and brought it under her rule, she had also captured Lord Shiva’s heart. She made arrangements to fix an auspicious date for the marriage of her daughter. Ministter felt happy that to get an opportunity to perform the marriage of the God himself. Marriage invitations were prepared and dispatched to all the kings. She made arrangements to inform the people of Madurai that Thadathagai prattiar is getting married  by drum beating. People felt happy. This is the marriage of and in  their own house. The entire City took a festive look. Houses were cleaned and beautiful colour paintings were drawn in each and every house. The sages and celestials came down from the heaven to witness the marriage. Word fail to narrate the beautiful adornment done to both Lord Shiva and Thadaathagai. She protected her citizens like a fish.  That is fishes will bestow their feelings to their younger ones through their eyes. Their eye lids will never bat. Godesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi came and did the make up and adornment. When the entire city was in a happy mood only Kanchanamalai shed tears. She felt that her husband is not there to witness the marriage. To perform the marriage Maha Vishnu himself came doning the roles of both father and brother of Thadathagai. Lord Shiva looked very beautiful wearing silk clothes and golden ornaments. People talked among themselves saying that he is Sundarar(beautiful man). Esawaran(lord shiva0 has come to take the hands of Meenakshi. So Lord Shiva got the name Sundareswarar. Minister was shedding joyous tear. The wedding couple came to the marriage dias. They exchanged garlands. Lord Brahma recited Veda Manthras. Lord Maha Vishnu poured water on the clubbed hands of both couple. Sundareswarar tied the nuptial knot in the neck of Meenakshi. Sundareswarar wore a ring around the second toe(Metti in tamil) of Meenakshi. The sage Vashister’s wife Arunthathi who had come for the marriage along with her husband came in front of Meenakshi and said that she is waiting there so that her eye sight falls on her. Lord Shiva and Meenakshi both blessed her.  Kanchanamalai requested her son in law, the God that He should stay at Madurai along with her daughter and rule. God also accepted her accept. HE decided to rule over Madurai along with Meenakshi.

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