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March 15,2011
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The first leela performed by Lord Shiva was to emphasize the fact that students should respect their teachers. If you ask who is the lord of celestials world even a small child will reply that it is Indra. Even though he is the head or lord of celestials he also has to follow certain rules and regulations. In particular the person who occupies the leder position should give due respect to all rules and regulations. He should remember that there are many under his care. Otherwise he will lose his job. One day a stage came for Devendran(Lord of celestials). Those who have lot of Punyas (virtuous deeds) in their credit only can become a Celestials. They will get all joyous things that they aspired to get while they were on the earth. Even then there is a time and place for that also. There also good and bad times are there. One day in the form Women a bad time came for him also. To appreciate dance along with other celestials together Apsaras women are there. They are known as celestial women. Among them Ramba, Urvasi and Thiloththama can be mentioned in particular. While enjoing their dance he got intoxicated by their beauty. At that time the head guru of celestials by name Brugaspathi came there. Do you know who he is? Among the nine planets(Navagrahas) there will be a statute wearing yellow dress facing north direction. That is Guru Bhagavan. Good things will happen by his mere sight on us. That is why there is an adage that if guru looks one will get crores of benefits.

But for Devendran it was a bad time. If not so, why a person as he is with huge responsibility should enjoy with women in a public place. Who can see those things,  which should be seen in a private place,  in a public place. Bruhaspathy by seeing the actions of Indra,  just closed his (Brugaspathi) eyes with his hands. One need not tell what will happen if Guru closes his own eyes and refuse to see. Bad time started for Devendran. Brugaspathi left that place just like that. After the dance show was over, when Indra was returning to his private chamber some of the celestials saw him. They informed that Brugaspathi was there when he was enjoing the dance show, and on seeing his awkward position at that time he left the immediately by closing his eyes. He should immediately meet Brugaspathi and seek his pardon. If Guru’s support and blessings are not there he as well as all celestials will face trouble. Devendran got fear and was completely upset.” Guru was insulted by me , I do not know what is going to happen? Let me go and see Guru Bruhaspathi.” He came to his house, got into his vehicle the elephant named Iravatham and rushed.

Guru was not there. For some marriage will not take place. The reason,for that is ,the sins accumulated by his family and fore fathers. If they have to get the sight of Guru they should perform certain atonements(Pariharaam in tamil). Devendran could not see Brugaspathi or to put it in another way Guru’s sight did not fall on Devendran.Guru went to a secluded place and was thinking to himself If his principal disciple himself is like this then what to talk of others. It is very unfortunate that I took classes for these womanizers. Not able to see Brugaspathi in any place Indra rushed towards Lord Brahma to see Brahma. He informed him his disrespectful behavior towards Brugaspathi. Brahma gave him a suggestion. “Devenra disrespecting act on one’s guru is a very serious offence and sin. You will be able to see him only after you do the necessary atonements. I will suggest you a atonement. A demon called Dhuvasta had a son. His name is Viswaroopan. He has three faces. A grisly person. But he performs all necessary austerities correctly and regularly. Just take him as your temporary guru. There is no other way out for the sin you have commited. Bad times will never leave if guru’s sight is not there on him. Indran is no exception for that. If elders tell some thing one should have complete faith and belief in it and act on it with complete faith.

           Indra did not like the advice or suggestion given By Lord Brahma who is in a higher position as Veda nayagan. “This person tells me to accept a demon as guru for the celestials kingdom. What has happened to this person? Yet if his advice is not accepted and put into practice I will have to unnecessarily earn his wrath and enemity. Yet a guru is absolutely necessary for the celestial kingdom’ with this thought in his mind he met Viswaroopan and prayed to him. “ What Indra? Head of the celestial kingdom has come in search of me. What is the matter? “ said Viswaroopan. “ I have come to accept you as my guru. You should accept the post of head of celestial kingdom”said Indra. Viswaroopan did not like the idea. “ I am a demon. How can I accept the post? Yet how can one leave a deer which comes voluntarily and fall in the net as prey. To make the flag of Demon fly in the seven worlds this is the right opportunity. What a unique chance that has come on its own? With these thoughts in his mind he decided to accept the post. The student has a half mind only. The guru has fraudulent thought in his mind and thus the celestials got into a vice like grip (kidukkipidi in tamil).

Thus Viswaroopan became a Guru for celestials at last. Yet Lord indra’s mind was in a turmoil and his mind was itching for having done sinful act against his Guru.To get rid of his sinful act he decided to perform a Yaagam.(Homam in Tamil). He expressed his desire to perform the yaagam to his new found guru Viswaroopan. The new Guru Viswaroopan acted in a such a way as if giving his approval for it, and decided to make this opportunity to kill Indran and take possession of celestial world permanently under his leadership. If one does not have Guru’s sight, calamities will follow one after another. By doing this yaagam for  Indran a big clamity was forthcoming. The Yaagam commenced. Viswaroopan presided over this yaagam. While pouring ghee in the yaaga agni(fire), he instead uttering the sentence(manthra) that celestial clan should flourish, he uttered that demon clan should flourish. But uttered this manthra inside his mind only. Nobody was able to know nor understand what he is doing. But Indra with his gnana thrishty understood what is in the mind of Viswaroopan, and is recited manthras against him under the garb of (his) guru. He got angry. He threw the Vajrayutham( a kind of weapon) over Viswaroopan. No one can escape from the vajrayutham of Indra. It plucked the three heads of viswaroopan and they got converted into three birds and flew away in the sky. Somehow Viswaroopan died. Already Indra has acquired the curse of Brugaspathi has acquired now Brahmahathi thosham ( a form of curse)also for having killed his newly found guru Viswaroopan. If one acquires this thosham then he should do very big atonements to get reid of this Brahmahathi thosham. All the celestials did all the necessary atonements. Thus they got rid of that thosham. But now Indra acquired  the wrath demons more. Dwashta, the father of Viswaroopan thought of taking a revenge on Indra for having killed his son. He commenced a yaagam for this purpose. From the agni of Yagam, a demon with forty hands, destructive weapons and canine teeth(korai pal in tamil). Poisonous gas was emitting from his eyes mouth. He stod from Dwashta by praying before him.

O? Lord Iam standing before you bowing under your orders. Tell me what should I do for you?’ said that demon. Dwashta replied by saying “ O? my disciple. I am giving you the name Vriththaswaran. I will give you a boon by the power of which  You will  assume a form which will be several times bigger than your present size and form. As your form and size grows so will your anger also will grow. By utilizing your anger you should destroy the celestial clan. Specially I want the life Devendran who killed my son Viswaroopan. Start immediately” so ordered Dwashta. Vriththaswaran by carrying various weapons in his forty hands went in search of Indra. Having understood that Vriththaswaran is coming in search him Indra got into his vehicle the Iravatham elephant and started. Both of them met in the sky. A severe war ensued. Indra had a strong faith on the power of his vajrayutham. He threw it over Vriththaswaran. But it did not do anything on the demon. He stopped the vajrayutham with the Iron stick in his hand. He attacked Indra with that iron stick. Indra became unconscious.Vriththaswaran returned back to Dwashta thinking that Indra has died. But after sometime Indra regained his consciousness back. Thinking that if Viriththaswaran comes to know that he is still alive , there will be danger again from him and came to Sathya loka.  He bowed before Lord Brahma and enquired the ways to kill him. But Brahma did not say anything. “ Devendra I don’t know the ways  to kill Vriththaswaran. The power to kill asuras are in the hands of Lord Narayana(Maha Vishnu). So let both of us approach Lord Narayana and seek his advice” so saying both of them left for Vaikundam. There Lord Maha Vishnu was lying on Adishesan. Both of them sung songs in praise of him. Tirumal asked them as to what purpose they have come. They explained the reasons for their visit. Tirumal told to i ndran that when celestials were churning milk ocean, Indran handed over his weapons to Sage Thatheesi but forgot to take it back from the sage. Sage was waiting for you thinking that you will come back. Since Indran did not came back the sage swallowed the weapons. All the weapons reached his spinal cord(muthugu thandu in tamil) Tirumal said “If you approach again the sage and get his spinal cord and use it as a weapon against Viruththsuran in the battle He will die But if the sage gives his spinal cord he will die. It is your job to get the spinal cord from the sage” so saying Tirumal blessed him and send him back. Devendran went to the ashramam where Thatheesi sage was doing penance.  The sage welcomed him without knowing the purpose of his visit. Indran submitted to the sage all the auspicious items that he has brought with him. While going to meet elderly people one should not go empty handed. It is good to carry along with you flower, Fruit etc., while going to meet the elderly. Devendran did follow that custom and did the same. Sage asked him the purpose of his visit to his ashramam. Can you ask the spinal cord of any person? Will it be easy to take the spinal cord. It is possible to take the spinal cord only after one’s death.  Yet Devendran told the sage that it is Tirumal who has suggested him to ask him his spinal cord, and explained the whole thing in detail. The sage Thatheesi’s face brightened on hearing this. ‘I am blessed to get such an opportunity’ the sage replied. “Take my spinal cord. If my spinal cord is going to help to protect yhe celestials, what more blessing is there than this? Said the sage with full of happiness in his mind. A lover can say to his or her loved one “darling I wiil give my life for your sake”. But how many people or lovers are prepared to do that or ready to five their lives? Thatheesi agreed whole heartedly. One should not feel sad if for protecting one life , ten lives are lost. Since the lives of thirty three crore celestials lives are going to be saved the sage agreed whole heartedly. Thirty three crore celestials lives are in the spinal cord of sage. Immediately he immersed in yoga. His soul departed from his body. From the Heaven a plane decorated with flowers (Puspaga vimanam) came down and carried the soul of the sage to Heaven. Indran now fought with Vriththasuran with the spinal core of the sage Thatheesi. The demon could not face the onslaught lashed against him by Indran. The entire army of demons were completely destroyed. Vriththasuran wondered “ Is there a weapon like this?” “ If I stand before him then Iwill have to lose my life also”so thinking he went to the ocean and joined with other demons who were hiding themselves there already. . Devendran rushed towards Lord Brakma and asked his suggestion as to how find out him who is hiding in the ocean?  

         It is possible only Maharishi Agasthiar. He condensed the rivers Cauveri and Tambarabarani and put it inside his Kamandalam(a water jug carries by sages). If he is approached he may suggest a solution for this problem. So Indran went and met Agasthiar bowed before him with reverence and explained to him his problem Agasthiya maharishi assured him not to worry. He went near the ocean converted it to the size oh a Bengal gram(uzhundhu in tamil) drank it with his palms.  When the ocean became drey, the demons ran helter shelter. Indran threw the spinal cord towards Vriththasuran. That went towards and plucked his head. Insulting a guru is bad. As soon as Vriththasuran died  Indran had to suffer the Brahmahathi thosam. He had encountered lot of suffering for having insulted his first guru Bruhaspathi. Those sufferings were not yet over. This is his status ispite of both Tirumal and Brahma were with him. That is why guru has an exalted place even above gods. Now having acquired the sin by killing his Vriththaswaran and lost his mental balance. So he fell on the ground  and started lamenting vehemently. Then he went into a Lotus flower stalk and hided himself and became one with it.  Now a the post of head of celestials became vacant. Nobody knew where Indran has gone. So the celestials appointed a celestial by name Nagushan for that post. After having got that post he started showing his true colours. He started telling that since he has got the post of Indran, it follows that the wife of previous Indran should also become his wife. He started giving toubles to Indrani (wife of Indra) various troubles. But she did not heed.

         One day he(nagushan) ordered to bring Indrani(the wife previous Indra) to his private chamber. The guru of celestials came to know of this. He thought that because of his obstinacy, there should not be any problem for the chastity of Indrani. If there is a problem for her chastity then He (Brugaspathi} will be held responsible. Thinking on these lines he went to the celestial world. Indrani fell at the feet of Brugaspathi, prostrated before him and pleaded to forget  his anger against her husband and sought his protection for her chastity. Brugaspathi felt sorry. If there is  less influence of guru planet in one’s horoscope, then he prays with tears in his eyes before the guru planet in Navagraha sannadhi the merciful guru will reduce one’s sufferings. This is the inference we get from the above incident. Brugaspathi consoled Indrani, and told her “ don’t worry. Nagushan is in an exalted high position. He is brave also. No one won can conquer so easily. No one can bring him under control. I will tell you a way out for this predicament. Please send words to him stating” He should come in a golden palanquin carried by seven rishis(sages) on their shoulders and if he comes to me (Indrani) like then I will become his wife”. Accepting guru’s order sent words to Nagushan on the line suggested by Brugaspathi. Nagushan immediately sent word Saptha Rishis(seven rishis). He told them “ O? Rishis  keep me in a golden palanquin and carry me on your shoulders to Indrani’s place. The palanquin started. Since one among the seven rishis started walking slowly while carrying the palanquin because of which the other six rishis also have to walk slowly. By sitting in the palanquin Nagushan shouted “ who is the guy who is walking slowly?”That Rishi looked at him.

O? is it Agasthiyar? It is because of this dwarf  only it is getting late. O? Agasthiyar  You donot know my urgency. Did you not understand my urgency to be with Indrani at the earliest?  You do not understand my inner feelings of lust to reach Indrani and have her. Just as a snake moves fast at the sight of an eagle(so that it is not picked by eagle) carry the planquin very fast.
Agasthiyar is not an ordinary person. Wiil he just leave that lustful person Nagushan just like that? Agasthiyar cursed him “Naghusha you have uttered unrighteous words against me. To satisfy your lust, you have made all of us, saptharishis, to move fast like a snake. Now you will become a snake, and die immediately.”Elderly persons, nourish and take care of us, who undergo all sufferings in their life to bring up youngsters. We should treat them with due regard and respect.Otherwise just like Nagushan incurred wrath and curse, we will also lose our lives. Agasthiyar’s curse will not go waste. It produced its effect. Nagushan became a snake, fell down from the palanquin in the earth and went to bite the soldiers. All them killed the snake by hitting it with sticks. The news that Nagushan has died because of the curse of Agasthiyar reached the ears of Indrani. She offered her prayers within her mind to Agasthiyar for having saved her chastity. There after Brugaspathi the Guru of celestials went in search Naghushan who was  in the lotus pond hiding, and brought him back.  Indran offered his repentance for all the disrespect he showed to Brugaspathi, and prostrated at his feet.

          “ O? Guru I have experienced the effects for having shown my disrespect to you. Though I showed disrespect to you without minding it you saved my wife’s chastity. You should bestow all your mercies on me” So saying he offered his prayers to him. He then advised him and all the other celestials to go to earth, and take bath in all the holy rivers. Accepting his advice Indran and all the other celestials came to earth in Pushpaga Vimanam(aircraft decorated with flowers) and worshipped Lord Shiva and his Consort Uma devi, visited holy places like Kasi, Ketharam. Took bath in holy rivers Gangai, Yamuna and saraswathi. If we are living in earth then we are fortunate people. Even celestials to get rid of their sins have to descent on earth only. But without knowing the importance of rivers  we are polluting them .Atleast  hereafter we should start respecting them and give them due regards. Then they reached Kadamba vanam(Forest full of Kadamba trees.). A lingam was seen there. On seeing the Lingam, Indran reached that spot and sawa lotus pond also there. In that pond lots of lotuses  made of gold were found. Indra performed pooja for that Lingam. He ordered Viswakarma the celestial sculptor to build a temple tower there. Viswakarma built a tower supported by eight elephants. Indran stayed there for a numberof days and performed pujas for the Lingam. He got rid of his Bramhathi thosham. Lord Shiva declared that in that place he will be known as Chokkanathar. People will call me by the name Somasundarar. Those who visit this place will get rid of all their sins. Then all of them left for the celestial world. When they reached there another new problem erupted.

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