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November 13,2013
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It is enough to wear one mala made on a strong wire for ayyappa bhakthas during the entire vratha period. There is no need to have another support mala.

     There is nothing wrong in wearing mala on the departure day for sabarimala, instead wearing for 41 days provided the vratham is properly observed and your conscience  allows
     If the mala used last time is strong even now, one can use the same any number of times.
     Do not remove the mala after you had darshan, on your way back to home. It should be removed only after you arrived at your house. This is the proper way and correct one also.

     In case you are not able to visit the temple and remove the mala there you can remove the same through your mother in the house itself.

    You can perform srartham(thithi) for your father wearing the mala.

     It is auspicious only if your wife delivers a child during the vratha period when you are wearing the mala. No need to remove the mala. After punyahavasanam is over (after six days from the day child is born) you can see the baby. In case you have to be necessarily near your wife during delivery,if you feel that you should see the new born baby immediately, then you can do so after removing the mala. If your  wife is pregnant while you were wearing mala during vrarha period it is auspicious only.

To commence your sabarimala journey after observing vratha for 41 days, it is considered as a good act and is appreciated accordingly.

There is no harm wearing foot wear(chappal/shoe) taking into consideration your health conditions during sabarimala yatra.

The Irumudi once used can be used again. One can use the irumudi used by another bhaktha provided it is in good condition.

It is being said that Ayyappa bhakthas who visit for the first time should necessarily do kanni pooja. It is not necessary to do it if you can not afford  financially  even by obtaining loan.  Lord Ayyappa does not like such a luxury. By preparing food in your house, within your means  you can give the same to elders, disabled people, and mentally unsound persons on the road side.

While working in the office or factories  to do your duty properly you can wear shoes. Ther in nothing wrong about it.

During the vratha period donot take oil bath. There is no harm in using shampoo or soap.

During vratha period and while wearing mala if someone in the hose has small pox, chicken pox etc., and if you are residing there, it is good to remove the mala. But if you are staying outside then you need not remove mala.


    Do not have any superstitious beliefs during vratha.
    Do not cause inconvenience to your neighbours and others by playing loud speakers till midnight.

    Do not ask others about the number of year of their journey and do not boast by saying that you have gone to sabarimala for so and so number of years.

    The functions related to wearing and irumudi are auspicious one. It is not good to have a video coverage of the same and one should avoid the same.

  It is against ayyappa bhakthi to consider the irumudi function as a big function and invite all your friends and relations and collect money donations from them. It is only proper to offer the all the money offerings given by them at devaswam hundi.

Wearing flower garlands to ayyappa bhakths and immediately the very next minute the strewn flowers on the grounds if trampled by others feet is not a desirable act.
 It is not good to insist kannisami (first time going ayyappa bhakthas) to do all work. Bhakthi and humility are common for all ayyappas.

 Ayyappa bhakthas when they visit any temple on their way to sabarimala should follow the  customs of those temples and places and give respect for those customs. For example, at guruvayoor sannidhi do not recite saranams loudly and do worship in a peaceful manner.

 Each bhaktha going to sabarimala should do some cleaning atleast for five minutes at Pampa river and sannidhanam.

 It is advisable to avoid luxurious feast during yatra.

 Do not spoil the sanctity of Pamba river by throwing leaves in which you ate your food.

Instead make a burrow and put all the leaves into it and close it by filling it with sand.

Worshipping by lighting lamps at pamba (lighting festival) should be done without causing inconvenience to others. It should done be done without any pomp and show at the place where you stay in a peaceful manner.

The karpoora azhi pradhakshinam  at sannidhanam(going round and round the sannidhanam with a plate in the hand with camphor burning continuously in the plate) should not lead to any untoward incidents and should be done in a humble manner.

Do not throw away glass bottles and broken cocanut shells in a reckless manner because it will do harm to the feet of other bhakthas and incur their curse.

One should know the following regarding Ayyappa vratham
                          From the day of wearing mala till the end of vratha period avoid haircutting and shaving.
                      2.Donot sleep in a cot with mattress and pillow. Sleep on the floor only on jamakkalam(bed spread).
                      3.Avoid lose and unnecessary talk and observe silence as far as possible.
                      4.Donot speak words which will hurt others.
                      5.During the vratha period treat other women as sisters and mother.
                      6.During the vratha period women in the household attain menses, it is advisable that those women remain remain in separate room,away from the sight or if that is not possible vratham observing bhathas should stay outside elsewhere.
                      7.It is a false and wrong belief that during the vratha period those wearing mala will face unwanted sufferings.
                     8. In case by chance the mala is broken by mistake , it can be repaired and worn again.There is nothing wrong in it. Do not get disheartened  because this of this if you strictly follow vratham without any blemish.
                     9. While wearing the mala,one should not have any fear,doubt, guilt feeling in one’s mind. If one has any such feeling it is advisable to postpone wearing mala.
                   10.It is better to perform the irumudi function in one’s own house. It will bring prosperity and auspiciousness to the house.
                    11.The reason and aim of going to sabarimala by wearing mala is threefold. A)By climbing the 18 steps have the darsan of Ayyappa. B]Controllins one’s senses{indriyas},purify mind and body and live dharmic life C}Not one is pure but make all others in the household remain pure and make them also lead a dharmic life full of bhakthi.
                   12. By giving respect to mala,observing vratha for one mandalam (41 days),give up the ahamkara(false pride),having full faith in God and surrender oneself completely to God,and  offer prayers with single minded devotion,one will get HIS full blessings. As they climb the 18 steps every year they will also goon rising in their life.

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