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November 22,2013
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Do GOD has told anyone that HE will bestow HIS blessings in full measure on certain specific days and in less measures on all other days?

GOD is waiting thinking“whether any true devotee will not come searching for HIM so that HE can shower HIS blessings on Him at all times”. When GOD is in a ready state to shower his blessings at all times, why then we should go to temples during festivel season only jostling in the crowd in a halfhazardly manner, to have HIS darshan?

Mandala pooja and Makara villakku festivel is celebrated at Sabarimalai starting from 1st of Tamil month karthigai till the end of Thai. During this festivel time Bhathas from all over the country and all parts of the country will assemble at sabarimalai. When millions and millions devotees go at the same time for worship at sabarimalai which is in a hilly region, sabarimalai itself will come to a stand still. There will be unhygienic problems. Nobody is able to get a goodand proper darshan. Elderly persons, women, children and disabled persons by going at this time encounter enormous hardships. Not only that even accidents do occur. Few years back in a bizarre accident at the pullmedu region an accident occurred and lot of valuable lives were lost. Due to this there is a possibility of sanctity of the place is being lost.

Nowadays Temple is opened for worship every month after the commencement of tamilmonth. Not only that. On certain months months temple is opened twice in a month because of Prathista day, Onam, Chithrai AAtta festivel. During this period the crowd will be less in number. At this time by going to sabarimalai one can have have darshan in a spcial manner and peaceful manner and receive His blessings that we seek from HIM.

If we donot understand our Ayyappan who is ready to shower HIS blessings on us in unlimited measures whenever we go to HIM?

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