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March 04,2014
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Shirdi is a small village. Poor people with complete  faith on God were living there. The divine power decided to reveal itself in a human form and selected that village for that.  It is in fact natural for God  to select a place which is inhabited by Good people. There is a neem tree in a corner at the outskirts of the village. In the early morning the people will walk leisurely with a small twig of the neem tree in their hands  and cleaning their teeth with it. And they will be walking and talking leisurely with that twig in their hands.  On such one day, few people who came to that neem tree  were looking with eyes fixed eyes, at the  base of the tree and were surprised at the sight they saw there at the base of the tree.  The sun rises only in the east. But today there a moon has arisen.  A bright looking  young lad with a serene face was sitting at the base of the neem tree. Is he a human being? Or is he a celestial? Can any one see such a beauty among the human beings?  It looked as if a sculptor  has sculpted  a sculpture  with proportionately placed eyes, ears, face and other parts  and kept there. He bewitched the onlookers  with his image and it looked as if one can go on looking at him continuously without removing one’s sight away from him even for a moment. It was a feast for the eyes. The purity and child like look of his face bewitched the heart of any on looker.  The news that such a person is sitting there, spread fast in that village among the villagers.  They all gathered at the base of the tree. Will such a beautiful doll speak?. Few children were looking at him with astonishment. Where was he till now? Why he has come here all of a sudden? His appearance attracts every one. Will he be fifteen or sixteen years old ? What is purpose for this young lad to come here at such a time? Time was ticking fast. The morning sun’s heat started rising.  He was sitting with an enchanting look in his face, looking at all of them.

At least some one should enquire him “who he is?”.  No one did not have an idea  as to ask him who he was. They were  onlylooking his divine appearance forgetting themselves. One Ganapath rao Gotti Patil and  his wife Bayja Bai were one among the on lookers.  Suddenly Bayja bai got anxious. By looking at him the motherly feeling  rose  as she was childless. “Did this lad take his food?  Or not?  He will be hungry” thinking so, she with the permission of her husband, rushed to her house. She prepared  four or five chappathis  and a sabji as side dish in a hurry. She took them in a vessel and water in a tumbler and came back to the neem tree.  She entered into  the crowd and came near the lad, who was at the centre of the crowd of on lookers. She wiped at her sweat face with her saree and asked “My child, Did you eat anything?  Take some chapathi my son.”  Saying so, she opened the vessel and kept it in from of him. She was looking at him compassionately. This lady is taking care of un known persons, and thinks of removing their hunger. God is residing only on such good feelings and thoughts.  He began to speak with a divine voice and a tone laden with a sweetness of a honey. “Bayajee bai,  Will the chapathi prepared by you taste bitter?  Who else is there in this village excel your cooking?  Saying these words, he pulled the vessel containing chapathis to his side.

Not only Bayajee even others in the crows felt like swooning. How did he now the name Bayajee.?  Will not the God who has created this world and is protecting  know the names of each and every child of him.  The lad continued his speech. “Mother, Should not my elder brother eat the chapathi before I eat it? He will also be hungry. I would like to give it to him  first and will eat after he ate. “O” is there a elder brother for this lad?  Who is that elder brother?  When the crowd was looking at him eagerly , the lad looked towards the  entrance of the near by forest  and shouted  “O”, elder brother. come and eat and then go.”   The very next moment a pig came running from the forest . The crowd gave way to it. No one has seen such a beautiful pig before.  Is it an ordinary  pig or an incarnation of god in the form of pig?  The pig standing before the lad  wagging its tail caught the chapathis thrown at it and ate it. Then it rushed back fastly in to the forest and disappeared from the sight. Who is this lad/ Is he god himself? If so, what did the god want us to observe and point out from this incident? Does he want us to feel  and teach that not only human beings but also all the living beings in this world are his children, and you should be kind towards animals also.  After eating the chapathis the lad washed his hands with the water in the tumbler.

There after  he wiped his hands  in the saree of Bayajee bai with a smiling face as if he has a right to do so. On seeing this incident, the other women in the crowd wondered  and yearned  and craved in their minds as to how this thought of Bayajee Bai did not occur in their minds.  All the women in the crowd were in the state of mind like the mothers in Gokulam on seeing Child Krishna. Who has come? Is the same Krishna/ But there is no flute in his hand. But the voice is like the flute music and has replaced the absence of a flute. He started speaking in such a sweet tone. “bayja Bayee, Your husband who is eating daily such a sweet chapathi is really a fortunate person. “O” My God, this lad knows the name of Ganapathi Rao also.  The very next moment the village temple priest who was also standing as one among the crowd,  started behaving as if a possessed person. (possessed by a divine power). The crowd looked at the priest and tapped on their cheek. The priest roared “To know who is this lad,  please dig the base of this neem tree on which this lad is sitting.”  On hearing this, the lad laughed. “O.K” Let it be so. Dig the place” He  sat at a place little far off from the base where he was sitting.  Some rushed and brought a crowbar and tried to dig at the base of the neem tree. At that time they heard a hissing sound as if some one is exposing fury with a powerful hissing sound and heavy breathing.  Those who lifted their hands with the crowbar  stepped back with astonishment.

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