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March 04,2014
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Some of the villagers  started digging the base of the neem tree with the crowbar, as told by the priest of the Shirdi village temple. Only when they started digging, they heard the hissing sound  and a heavy breathing noise. A King Cobra from a snake pit near the base of the neem tree  rose its head and hissed furiously.  Nobody has seen such a big cobra till then. The people were astonished to see its big hood that is spread, and an attractive,  shining and slippery body and said, “Naga Raja(king of snakes), Please save and protect us, and tapped their cheeks in reverence.  Now the lad who was sitting little away from the base of the neem tree looking at the King of snakes. said” O.k These people are digging this place as told by me and with my permission. Don’t be angry. Keep calm and quiet. “  

Can any one speak with a snake?  But this lad spoke. That snake understood his talk. The King Cobra which came out of the snake pit, crawled slowly and did a circumambulation at him. Then it kept its head at his feet  and prostrated(Namaskaram).  Therafter went back to the snake pit and disappeared after entering into it.  Seeing this wonderful scene, the womenfolk  felt astonished and  said “What a wonder it is?”.  The lad had a hearty laugh and cautioned them by saying “Carry on(your digging), But don’t damage its root by cutting  it. Because this tree is a guard for this village.” The men who were fascinated by the laughter of the lad which resembled the sound of a ringing of a bell  came back to their senses and resumed the digging of the base of the neem tree.  There was a surprise waiting for them inside the sand.  When they removed the sand they found a cave. In that cave there were four platforms, on all the four platforms there was separate earthern lamp  kept on each one of them.

There was a further surprise waiting for them. Those lamps were burning as if they were lit only very recently.  Who has kept the lamps in that closed cave?  How those lamps were burning in that cave covered by earth. There was a flat wodden seat at the centre of the cave. Some saint(Rishi) must have been doing tapas(meditation) there very recently, by sitting on that wodden plank. Who might be that saint? That wodden plank was decorated by flowers that must have been plucked  only on that day. There was a rosary on that plank. It might be the one used by the saint. The entire cave was filled with a sweet  smelling fragrance. Since the cave is opened now by removing the earth covering it, the fragrance now spread in the entire village and converted the entire village by its sweet fragrance. The men who removed the earth covering the cave now came out of it and narrated the wonderful sight they saw inside the cave to that lad and the people gathered there.  He listened to it with a smiling face as if he is aware of it already. “O.K’, Now that you have digged the earth as told by the village priest, you may close it once again now by putting sand and earth over it. Hence forth for whatever reason don’t open it. You have been granted permission to dig and open it only once.”  So said the lad as if cautioning them.

The cave was covered by putting the earth and sand once again with abundant caution. The lad started explaining to them by seeing a question mark appearance found in their faces. “The cave is the one where my guru is meditating. He is in deep meditation always for the welfare of the world in it. So one should not disturb his meditation by digging it frequently.  Keep lighted lamp at the base of this tree daily. On every Thursday keep a fragrance stick(Oodhu paththi in tamil) after lighting it. Then Pray. Due to this this will receive all auspiciousness. O.K. Now all of you can go back to your homes. None should come back to this place again till tomorrow morning.”  On hearing the strict voice of the lad  and thinking in their minds the surprise about the cave, the people slowly left the place. The lad sat under the shades of the tree and started meditating. The people were slowly walked away from that place  but at the same time looking back at him. He said that his guru was meditating in that cave. Who is that Guru. Will it be he only? They were walking to their houses, remembering the serene face of the lad but at the same time there was hesitation in their minds to leave that place. Bayaji bai who gave chapathi for the lad to eat was praying in her mind “O” God, It appears that this lad is going to meditate  alone whole of this night here. The snake pit is also there here. “O” god, protect him from any danger”

She was praying God to protect the God himself.  How innocent was she? Next day early morning she came running to have a darshan of that lad. The entire village people also came behind her running. They all gathered near the neem tree once again. But alas, that lad was not there. Not only that . There was no indication also that such a lad was there in that place. They dig  the base of the neem tree yester day and covered it with fresh  earth and sand again yesterday. But today there was no indication that place was dug yesterday . Not even an iota.  What has happened was true or false (Maya)?  Was it a false appearance? How can it be a false  (Maya in tamil) appearance when hundreds of people of that village have witnessed it?  But if we think it once again now it appears that the entire world is false(Maaya in tamil) and only that lad is real one. Why not dig at the base of this tree once again?  But that lad has told in strict terms that it should not be dug once again. Will that divine lad come back again?  The entire people of Shirdi prayed that , that lad should return again. As told by him they lit a lamp and kept it at the base of the neem tree and were longing to have a darshan of him again.  Did that lad return?.

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