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March 04,2014
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The handsome and attractive lad who was on meditation at Shirdi was not found the very next day. Knowing that, Bayaji bai   shed tears from her eyes as if she has lost her own son. Where did he go? The Time took note of her distress and concern in its account book. The true saying is that that if one weeps one will get HIM(God).  If God does not reach the person who is weeping for him then how can he be called a God? Her tears assures that , that lad will return back to shirdi. This incident happened in the year 1854 in Shirdi..

The Sun cracked his whip on his  seven coloured horses whose reins he was holding firmly by his hands The horses ran fast. Four years passed off quickly.  There after in another village on another day…. There is a village by name Dhoopkeda in Aurangabad area in the state of Nizam. There lived a gentleman by the name Chand Patil.  He was God fearing and a good man. He was doing a straight forward business without cheating any body. He was doing namaz five times a day. He who was a kind hearted soul, went  along with his horses to the nearby town Aurangabad to do his business.  He travelled  with caution. Horses are his wealth. He brought them with utmost and abundant caution. On reaching the place he was shocked to find that one female horse among them is missing. What a surprise/ Where had it gone? Losing a horse is just like losing a part of his wealth. To buy another horse again he has to spend lot of money. He with anxious and distressed mind, went back through the same route in which he came,  in search of the missing female horse. The horse could not be found anywhere. What a wonder and illusion? Who has concealed that horse? He put lot of efforts in search of that missing horse for about two months.

He could not find it.  He was thinking of that horse only both while he was sleeping or dreaming and while he was awake also. He felt tired.  He felt sad with the thought  hovering in his mind as to what harm he has done to anyone ? why should I lose my horse?  His body became weak and lean. One day suddenly he decided that he should find out his lost horse some how or other that day and started walking all alone  in the same route through which he came earlier.  It is a forest route. Stones and thorns pierced his feet. He searched in various places thinking as to where it would have gone. Will it be gazing grass any where. Will it be drinking water in some pond? He searched all  the ponds on the way. It was not to be found anywhere in spite his tiresome search. His legs became painful. With disappointment in his mind and started walking back through the same route in which he came completely tired  and  weary. He lost all the hope that he will get back his lost horse. At that moment he saw a Fakir sitting under a mango tree.  There was a cap on his head, A long dress, and a short sized stick called Satka.

That Fakir shouted  “O” chand bai.” Chand patil was shocked. Who is this man/ How does this man who is all alone in this forest know my name? The majestic tone, the sweetness in the tone made him feel that he should obey to that voice. Wondering, he came near the fakir.  While he was coming nearer to him he felt that he is being drawn towards him like a iron piece drawn towards magnet. While he was nearing him he felt serenity in his mind, as if a burden in his mind is removed and his heart is becoming lighter. It is not known as to when this fakir came to this forest. It appeared as if he is living in this forest for several years, nay, several centuries.  There was a divine glow around him. On seeing his face one became happy. What a face with pure look. Chand Patil has never so far such a marble like face in any one he has come across.  Chand Patil did not knowat that moment that people are going to worship  at a later date his marble statute, whose face is as bright and clear as a marble.  “O” Chand Patil, if you search your female horse here how will you find it out? Go towards North side. Your horse is standing under a banyan tree. Go and see”.
Chand Patil did not utter a word in reply, worshipped the Fakir and walked towards the northern side like a doll which is keyed.  He just walked only a few distance only. There the scene /sight he saw  made his throat  blocked in joy.  What the Fakir told is one hundred percent correct and true.  The horse was standing there expecting his boss’s arrival.  The horse neighed (Kanaiththal in tamil) on seeing Chand Patil. I searched in the same place earlier. But it was not there at that time.  How was the Fakir able to locate the horse even without moving out of his place and sitting in his place only. Let it be so. How did he know who am I, and I am in search of my horse? No doubt he must be a great soul.(Mahaan in tamil)?  He went towards the place where the Fakir was sitting, his horse following him calmly. He offered his prayers (pranams)  to the Fakir who helped him to locate his lost horse.  He was grasping with breath. He was tired having walked a very long distance. He felt thirsty.  “what Man,  You seem to be thirsty. Do you want water for drinking?” The fakir asked him compassionately.  On seeing the incident that happened immediately after that, Chand Patil  was more or less swooned.

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