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March 04,2014
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On getting up after prostrating the Fakir with devotion, who had helped him to find out his lost horse, Chand Patil was grasping for breath and breathed heavily. The fakir made him to sit next to him. He then picked up in his hands a pair of tongs. Then he thrust it into to the soil there, took out a burning coal and put it on his chillum(smoking pipe) which was in his hands. Then he picked up his satka. Next there was no water around to wet the Chappi( a cloth wound over the chillum . So he beat the satka on the ground, and the water began to spring. He filled up in a glass and gave it to Chand Patil to drink as he was feeling vey thirsty. Next he choked the chappi with some water and then squeezed to dry. He wound it around the chillum. He smoked it himself and made Patil to smoke it. Patil was dazed.

The five elements(Air, sky, water, fire and earth) will obey only to the one who has created them. Patil was not able to understand this secrete. But he was sure that the person sitting next to him is a great soul, with immense power. Chand Patil had an  irresistible feeling in his mind to look at the Fakir continuously  with wonder.  It is but natural for Paramathma  (the God) to draw the Jeevathma(human being) towards HIM just as a magnet draws an iron near it. Chand Patil was not able to understand the divine truth. He could not at the same time control his desire to look at the face of the Fakir continuously. Chand Patil invited with all and humility and devotion  at his command  to visit his humble abode. He felt a desre in his mind that by the darshan of this Fakir both his wife and other members of his family will be bestowed with auspiciousness.  Is it not a fact that  where there is simplicity and humility and pure devotion without blemish, God will automatically move towards that place automatically. When  Chand Patil invited him to his home, The Fakir readily accepted his invitation and walked along with him.

Chand Patil felt immensely happy. The feet which walked very slowly in the house od Yashoda to steal butter, the feet which walked over the stone  and thorn in the forest for fourteen years as per the order of Kaikeyi , today accepted the invitation of Chand Patil kindly. Though Chand Patil was not aware of the fact that it is God assuming the form of a human being who is accompanying him,  felt that He is a great soul and so took him to his home with a devotional feeling. If God resides in a temple and all the places that HE resides will be temples  only. Just as Lord Krishna visited the simple abode of Vidhurar, that Fakir also visited that abode. Chand Patil’s wife felt happy by offering feast to him at her residence . Chand Patil was the village head of Dhoop keda village. The people of the village visited his house and had a darshan of the Fakir with wonder.  They felt a serene feeling in their minds when they look at him.

They informed  all the people that a Yogi has come to the house of Chand Patil.  Because they felt that  all the others  also should receive the same auspiciousness that they have received.  Can anyone simple hide a diamond in a box by keeping it in a box. Though the Fakir was in the house of Patil, the divine brightness made all the surroundings to glow. He is an incarnation in human form.  When the mere presence of his pictures and photos in a house can bring abundant auspiciousness to that house what to tell about the auspicious news that reached that house where he stayed in a human form. Such an auspiciousness news reached that house very fast. Yes. A marriage proposal was fixed for the brother in law of Chand Patil.  The marriage proposal which was evading for a long time got finalised now. Chand Patil felt that it was due to the Fakir’s blessings only. They all started in carts for the marriage.  A big crowd mainly consisting of his relations left the Dhoop Keda village to participate in that marriage.  Chand Patil requested  with devotion, the Fakir that he should sslao accompany them to participate in the marriage.  The Fakir who knows the past, present and the future enquired the Patil where the marriage is going to be held  with an innocent look in his face as if he is not aware of it.

The bride belongs to Shirdi. The marriage also is at Shird, replied Chand Patil. On hearing this he laughed loudly. Nobody was able to understand the meaning that laugh. It is not possible for others to understand the fact that Shirdi is inviting him to stay there permanently  though he is aware of that secret. The temple for  God Khandoba was at the outskirt of the shirdi village. The bullock carts in which the marriage party  arrived at the Khandoba temple. The carts stopped  at the base of a banyan tree. They all got down from the carts to enter the Shirdi village. That Fakir also stood majestically by putting his feet firmly at the outskirt of Shirdi. Just at that time Arathi was going on in the temple. The temple poojari(priest) Mahalsabathi came out  of the templewith the arathi plate in his hand. On seeing the Fakir tears rolled down from his eyes continuously due to joy. I was meditating as to whether I will have a darshan again in my life time. Is this Fakir not the same bala yogi (young saint) who appeared under a neem tree in this shirdi village few years back. He has come to shirdi once again. Shirdi will receive all auspiciousness because of his visit. He showed the Arathi to this Fakir which was meant for the God and said “AAO SAYEE” and thus invited him with joyous tears in his eyes. Sayee means Swami. Baba means Father. The news of the arrival of Sai baba spread through out the village immediately. All the village people came to the outskirt of Shirdi and invited Sai and felt very happy. Chand Patil was surprised to know the fact that the guest who stayed in his house was none other than the Bala Yogi who had come earlier to Shirdi. Dhoop keda people shouted with slogan “sai Baba ki Jey”. From that day onwards that Fakir came to be known as Sai Baba. That day,  Chand Patil who was  in an immensely satisfied  mood,had to digest an unexpected matter soon there after.

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