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March 04,2014
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Chand patil who brpught Sai baba from Dhoo keda village to Shirdi had to accept an unexpected matter and digest it. Baba told firmly that he is not going to return to Dhoop Keda village and stay at Shirdi permanently. Chand Patil was surprised thinking of the luck that Shirdi got.  His inner mind understood that hence forth  Shirdi will shine as Kailash, Vaikund  Gokulam and Ayothya. Here after whenever he gets opportunity he had  to visit Shirdi very frequently and worship this wonderful Yogi. Not only that. Who can prevent his worship of Sai baba daily by keeping him in his mind . The one who was able to find out his lost horse by his inner consciounesss and gave it to him, he who by sitting in his place itself was able to produce water from the earth by simply beating it with his satka  to him he placed his head at his feet , prayed and sought his permission to leave Tears began to flow from his eyes like a  river, just as a calf leaves its mother cow.

Baba raised his hand  which indicated that HE is always with him only and bid farewell to him and bid farewell to him. This in turn consoled Chand Patil. Saints never remain in a single place. They used to wander so that they are not entangled  into bondage and attachment. But Baba never went to any place leaving Shirdi. Because he is not a saint. He is God. God can remain in a single place and show his presence in all other places. Thus the omnipresent Almighty  took a human form and stayed in Shirdi. There were two wells in Shirdi. One was completely dry. That was the one gave potable water. But the second well’s water more salty than even a sea. The women folk who drew water from that well were amazed by its salty taste. Why not inform baba about this?  Some women went in search of Baba. They were of the firm opinion that Baba has control over all the five elements of Nature. When it is so, will he not be able to change the salty water into a sweet potable water? All of them went to Baba with the pots in their hands, Baba asked them jocularly “So all of you have come to mw with pot full of problems?’.

Will baba not know what is the problem?  He knows the past, present and future. Yet Should not the devotees should pray to God directly.  But was very compassionate on those women who have completely surrendered  themselves to him and were simple innocent folk. “Baba, the well water is so salty as if somebody has thrown bags and bags of salt in it. Why don’t you do something for this problem? “ They all requested Baba. Baba had accepted their kind request. He asked them to go to the nearby Flower Garden and pluck flowers and bring it to him. By keeping the flowers he closed his eyes and did some prayer.  He asked them to accompany him and went towards the salty well. He threw the flowers into the well as if doing an archana . Probably   Varuna the God of Rain should have appeared in the sky. Baba must have ordered Varuna to convert the well water into a sweet potable water. But the women folk could not understand as to what has happened. They were also praying with closed eyes.

Baba laughed and said  What is there to happen further? Your prayers are fulfilled. The women folk took water in their pots from the well with surprise.  They put a small quantity of it in their mouth. Earlier it tasted as if some one has put bags and bags of salt. But now it tastes like the sweetness of a sugar candy. Now Baba has added several bags of sugar candy in it. They all prayed at him by saying  “Jai sainath”.  Baba talked to them with a smiling face.”There will be no dearth for food and clothes in the residences of my devotees. Always concentrate your mind on me. Devotees welfare is my concern.  Bhavan sri Krishna has told the same in The Gita. Baba walked towards the mosque. The womenfolk with the water pot on their heads were returning towards their house , looking back Baba again and again at the same time . Their state of mind was similar to the one of Gopikas  who could not leave Lord Krishna. This news spread into the entire village, This news spread to all the nearby villages. As if a witness for the truthfulness of the news , the well water which was salty till yesterday  became sweet from that day.

They were meditating on Baba and their minds were thinking of his blessing. Gopal Rao Kund, a staunch devotee of Baba did not have progeny(no children). He prayed intensely Baba and thereby  was blessed  with progeny. To show his respects and gratitude to Baba, he thought of celebrating the Urus function in the mosque where baba stayed.  Baba gave him permission to celebrate the Urus function on the Rama Navami day. The back round for saying so, was to foster the unity of Hindus and Muslims and tell the truth that  Eswar, allah there naam. The sandal wood ceremony called Urus  was celebrated very well. The sandal paste was applied on all the walls of Mosque. Baba’s hindu devotees wanted to celebrate Rama Navami festival also. Baba  smilingly gave permission for that function also. A cradle was brought and kept before Baba’s presence to indicate the birth of Rama. Songs on Rama were sung imagining that  the dark blue eyed precious stone called Baby Rama is lying in that cradle.  The eyes of Baba which was looking at the cradle  became hot red. Baba roared  and the sound made the world tremble. That roaring reverberated in the nearby areas also. Baba’s devotees wondered without knowing as to what fault they have committed  and why Baba has become so ferocious.

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