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March 05,2014
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Both the urs festival and Rama navami festivals were celebrated together on that day as permitted by Baba. The devotees brought a cradle ,to indicate the birth of Rama , and kept it in front of baba. They started singing Rama charitha songs. Baba was looking at the cradle keenly. At the time of the birth of Rama  the red ‘gulal’ powder (For auspiciousness0 that was thrown about, went into Baba’s eyes and Baba became enraged. He looked terrible like Narasimha, at the hour when rama was born in the palace of Kausalya. The gulal was just an excuse, The action implied the fervor at the birth of Rama, who would destroy the ego in the form of Ravana, and wickedness in the form rakshasas. There may be another reason for his anger. It is my guise. The meaning of the songs which they sung by assuming that baby Rama was lying in the cradle only kindled the anger of Baba. There were not many leelas attributed to child Rama, like the leelas attributed to child Krishna.  If it is Lord Krishna then one can sing lot of pranks that he did as a child in Gokulam. Songs on Kaalinga Marthanam, (Dancing on the five hoods of the snake called Kalinga), Lifting of the hill Govarthana giri.  

Lot of his pranks including his stealing of butter  can be sung. If cradle songs have to be sung on child Rama  then one has to sung songs praising  the killing of Ravana which he did later. One has to sing  a song by keeping in mind the Ravana’s killing and thereby saying that you are going to kill all the demons at a later date, and thus sing those actions that Rama is going to perform at a later date, now. Even Kulasekara Azhwar in his cradle song on Rama sings “MANNU PUGAZH KOSALAI MANI VAYIRU VAAITHTHAVANE FIRSR AND THEN ONLY SINGS  “THEN  ILANGAI KONMUDIGAL SINDHUVITHTHAI” and thus sings by telling the killing of Rama. Baba observed keenly the songs sung by the devotees  in which the news about the Ravana vatham was found. He felt that Child Rama who could perform such heroic acts is lying in the cradle.  For a short while He assumed himself as Rama by deeply engrossed in the song.  When they sang “O” Rama who is going to perform the act of killing Ravana, he was ready as Rama to kill Ravana. The same ferociousness  and fury that Rama had before the killing of Ravana  appeared on Baba also.  That is why that roaring. The devotees fell at the feet of Baba and prosprated.

They prayed to him that his fury should subside.  Slowly Baba became calm and quiet. One thing was clear for a few devotees who have assembled there. Who is Ravana? He is the personification of Desire and hatred. By assuming the form of Rama and becoming furious, he destroyed the bad qualities which were there in the minds of the devotees. By this act of Baba, the bad feelings (called Ravana feelings)were thrown out of Shirdi and they felt that Shirdi has become a holy place. In the minds of baba’s devotees there was peace and joy. The direct devotee of Rama Krishna Paramahamsar by name Sarathanantha  writes in the life history  of Parama hamsa the Anjaneya worship (Upasanai in tamil) performed by Parama hamsar. During that period he lived on the top of  the trees, ate cocanut, and passed urine by sitting at the top of the trees. We can compare the feelings with that of Baba now. This piece of information is a wonderful one.

When he got down from the tree, after completing the anjaneya worship a tail like thing has grown at the bottom of spinal chord.  Sarathanantha writes that during course of time that tail like feature disappeared. The great souls who live as God themselves by inheriting the God’s power reach to such an height of feeling. Baba’s feelings also reflected such a one. Baba renovated all the temples in Shirdi. Ganesh Temple, village deity temple, Maruthi temple, Shiva temple and Saturn temple  were a few among them. He undertook the renovation through Tatya Patil. Baba used to ask offerings in cash(Dakshinai in tamil) from his devotees.  Dakshina may be quarter of an ana or half of an ana(denominations of coins prevailed at that time equivalent to two and three paisas of present day). May be by accepting the dakshina he was destroying the devotee’s sins of his previous birth. But he never kept the dakshina amount with himself.

He used to distribute  fifteen rupees, twenty rupees and fifty rupees to others.  If he received Dakshina from a few by threatening him it was only to protect them.  Baba was very keen and particular that his devotees should not suffer. Those who have surrendered to him whether during the past or at present  have never suffered. His blessings remain as a shield and protect them from the attack of sufferings. Once one gentle man reached the mosque  in the early morning to have a darshan of him. He was shocked at the sight he saw there. His mind got agitated on seeing that sight, and prayed “O” God Did you give me eyes only to see such a sight?”. In the mosque the head and all  the limbs of his body lay scattered on the ground separately. There are no enemies for Baba to commit such a heinous crime. Tears rolled down from his eyes. Fear gripped his mind. This news must be told to the village authorities immediately.  But will it be a good thing on his part if he tells the same. He may be charged as one who is responsible for that crime since he was the first person who saw that first. He went back to his home thoroughly confused and gripped with fear. His limbs were shaking due to fear.

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