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March 05,2014
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The gentle man who left the place tried to reduce his shivering by taking a deep breath.  He drank a glass of water. After taking rest for a while, he started walking towards the mosque. Somehow the news should be told to the people and the authorities.  Or will it be like this? That is the entire village by knowing the matter must have assembled in front of the mosque. When he reached the mosque hesitating, there was no crowd in the mosque. The mosque was calm as usual.  He went inside cautiously and looked. What a surprise it was?  Baba was meditating as usual without any disturbance. If then the scene I saw is a false one  ? Is it an illusion? Is it a dream?  Will my own eyes deceive me? Or the scene which I saw a little earlier in which I saw the limbs of baba lay scattered on the ground is a false one? Or the present scene in which I am seeing baba meditating alive is a false one? He was perplexed and could not understand anything.  But his joy found no bounds  on seeing baba alive and worshipped  him. He prostrated  before baba, babbling repeatedly the words “Baba  you are there”.

Tears rolled down from his eyes continuously due to joy.  Baba looked at him compassionately. “Yes. I am there always and will be there always”.  There is only one God. Removing the limbs from the body is a part of Yogic exercise. Baba is an expert in various exercises.  By remaining in one place and appearing at the same time at another place.  Making the body lean and weightless and then flying in the sky to any place as desired.  Making others remain astonished by enlarging his body like a mountain.  These are all the fruits that one get because of  staunch yogic exercises.  Yogis have got the various powers like Anima, Mahima, Lahima etc., the eight  siddhis. Hanuman is an expert in the yogic exercises called Anima and Mahima.  He took a gigantic figure before Sita Devi  like the Ulagu alantha perumal (God who measured the three worlds) with Sun and Moon as his ear rings. He had the power to reduce his figure to a miniature size,

“Hanuman had the capacity to walk while raining,  in the rain itself,  but without the rain waters falling on him by assuming a very lean figure.” Writes  Tamil  scholar Vai. Mu. Gopala Krishnama Chariar in his commentary on Kamba Ramayanam. Nothing is impossible for yogis. In Tiruvannamalai, when Seshadri Swamigal did a similar feat like Baba  some devotees have informed that they had seen that his limbs lay scattered away from the body on the ground . The burnt arm that grow go for Adi sankarar,  Sadasiva Brahmendral who fixed into his body again his hand slained by a  Muslim King( who  having understood his mistake then requested him to re fix it back in his body)  are all the results of these Siddhi power(divine power).  Baba  is the creator of all living beings and protector of all created beings. So for him is it difficult to fix the limbs separated from the body back again? When baba can rejoin the separated minds and lives because of his divine power, can he not re fix his limbs separated from his body? Baba used to take bath in a well near a banyan tree far away from the mosque. But his method of taking bath is a  wonder.

Just as we wash and clean  the outside parts of our body, he used to clean and wash the inner parts of his body. He took out his intestines through his mouth wash them and spread on the rose-apple tree for drying. Then he will put it back inside the stomach. There were some devotees who have seen this act in person in shirdi.  The outside world came to know of it through them. Baba’s fame spread because of this. But Baba did care for his fame. He always lived a very simple life. People suffering by  body ailment and pain used to approach him. Baba knew that this was due to their  past karma’s effects. He used to accept their past karmas on his person and cured their ailments. Baba had the capacity due to his tapas and compassion on his devotees to bear them without minding hem. It was  the year  1910. It was Deepavali holday period.

Baba was sitting near the Dhuni and burning firewood . The fire wood were burning brightly and he was putting the fire wood one after another. The servant  Madhav Fansle and his close devotee were doing some work a little far away but at the same time were looking on baba also. All of a sudden  Baba instead of inserting the fire wood inserted his hand into the Dhuni fire. Both Fansle and Madhav Rao on seeing it were perplexed. They rushed towards him. The arm came out of scorched. Madhav rao went and sat cross legged behind Baba put his arms tightly round his waist and pulled him back. They made him to lie down on the floor. Baba was unconscious at that time. They  sprinkled water on his face and Baba  became conscious.  “ Baba why did you insert your arms into the Dhuni fire”.  They all asked him with great concern. But replied to them with a smiling face.

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