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March 05,2014
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Baba began to talk. “We   will  all perform  Bhajan now. There I see with my  inner eyes. The doors of Pandaripuram temple is open now for the sake of my devotee.  Pandurengan is just in front of  my eyes. “ Having said these words Baba began to sing loudly saying “ I  am going to Pandaripuram. .. going  going,  There I will stay,  There I will stay, That is the abode of my master. There only I should  live.”  Nana chandorkar  who was entering the Mosque  by listening the Bhajan, was overwhelmed Tears rolled  down from his eyes. His inner mind felt that Baba is aware of his transfer already . He is singing thus only to make him accept the transfer. When he prostrated before Baba requesting that Baba.  in the form of Pandrithanan should continue likewise to protect him, Baba blessed him by touching his head with his hands.

Once one thief was caught for stealing some jewels. The police  department caught hold him and enquired him in their own method.  Just to escape from the police the thief told them that the stolen jewels with him is that of Baba. He was living in fool’s paradise which made him to think that by saying so he can escape and involve Baba in the theft. The case came for court trail. The Magistrate was astonished. He had great respect for Baba. “But this thief is telling like this. As per  his version and statement we should enquire baba. Tell me the truth?” the Magistrate rebuked the thief. But the thief was repeating again and again the same statement and thereby want to make it feel that what he uttered is only true. The magistrate became angry. “O.K” Come Let us enquire baba also. He came to the mosque where Baba was staying. The police hand cuffed the thief and brought him also to the mosque. A large number of people gathered in front of the Mosque. Why should baba steal the jewels. He steals the minds of his devotees.  If it is proved Baba is guilty of theft, will he be put inside the  jail. But even jail in not a new thing to him. He is already staying in the minds of his devotees which is also  equally a jail (in philosophical parlance). All the people were standing in front of  Baba with tears in their eyes and were looking at Baba.

But the stone hearted thief (Kalluli mangan in tamil) was, just like a parrot. repeatedly telling that the jewels belonged to Baba. The Magistrate started enquiry with Baba. “babaji what is your true name?” “ My devotees call me sai baba. Hence  I believe for a very long time that,  it must be my name.” “can you tell me atleast correctly your father name? “  “ My father’s name is also sai baba only.  I am sai baba born to Saibaba.” The Magistrate     did not know what to do. The crowd burst into laughter. The magistrate wiped out his face with a hand kerchief. Then he asked baba with confidence Who  his gruru was. Baba replied Venkusa is my Guru. (some people say that Baba referred  to Lord Venkateswara only as Venkusa). The magistrate put his next question hesitatingly. “Are you a Hindu or Muslim?” Baba replied in a louder tone “I belong to Kabir lineage.” Kabir who was born as a  Brahmin was brought by a Muslim parent. (He considered that Both Ram and Rahim are one and the same. He worked for the unity of Hindus and Muslims).

The Magistrate asked his next question swallowing the saliva. “Babaji what is your profession?”  Baba had an uninterrupted heavy laugh. The devotees were horripilated ( in tamil Mei silirththal) on seeing the majesty  in that laugh, Baba said “ Creation, Protection and destruction  are my jobs. I have been doing this for a very long time” The magistrate’s head swirled on hearing this reply. It looked as if it was a lunatic  reply. But he could not consider baba as a lunatic man. Because he was speaking very clearly but at the same time with lot of humor. Without knowing what to ask further or what to do further  and by clearing his throat he asked baba, “I have to enter your age in the enquiry report. What is your age?”. Baba replied “my age now is several lakhs of years. I have not calculated correctly. I am very old now. So I am deranged,

“Enter into your report that it is several lakhs of  years. The entire crowd looked at the magistrate very pathetically. Some in the crowd tapped their cheeks out of respect. Some of them smiled. The magistrate raised his voice and asked in a harsh tone “Baba, I hope that all that you are telling now is true and that you are not kidding.”  Baba pointing out the sky said “ With sky as a witness, I promise that what I have uttered so far  are true.  You need not have even a iota of doubt in it”.  The magistrate put his next question to Baba hesitatingly “Baba, This thief tells me that all these diamond jewels belong to you. Whether these jewels. as told by this thief, belong to you ?  Both the magistrate and the public were waiting eagerly to hear the reply of Baba. Baba replied in a loud and clear voice “Yes. What he has told is true. All these jewels belong to me only. The thief had a surprised look at Baba. The public was shocked.  The Magistrate  gasped for breath. Baba continued his talk.

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