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March 05,2014
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The thief  tells that the diamond jewels stolen by him belongs to baba. What to do now?  The magistrate who had heard about the fame of Baba already, asked baba with hesitation. “Baba, do the jewels stolen by the thief belong to you?  The thief says so”.  Baba laughed loudly. What a fascinating laugh? Both the magistrate and the people got fascinated by that innocent laugh. Baba started talking. “ Yes,  your Lordship, What  has been told by the thief is fully correct.  All the jewels that he is keeping belong to me only.”  The people who heard the talk of Baba were astonished.  The thief equally was astonished too.  He knows that those jewels do not belong to Baba. He told a lie just to escape. But Baba is telling that these stolen jewels belong to him.

Baba continued his talk. “Not only the jewels stolen by this thief. But all the Gold, diamond, and Vaidooriyam(Cat’s eye) found in this world do belong to him. Why? This village, this river, this air, this assembled people here, the stars found in the sky, Moon, sun and all found in this cosmos do belong to me. What has been created by me naturally  belongs to me only. Don’t you understand this? Then let me tell one more thing. Just listen  your Lordship, You also do belong to me only. When Baba uttered these words  his face shone brilliantly. He uttered these words in a very loud and crystal clear voice resembling the  sound of the ringing of a big bell. People at that moment saw in the face of Almighty who is in charge of the creation, protection and destruction of this world. The Magistrate clubbed his hands and worshipped Baba. Then as per the legal proceedings the necessary punishment was given to the thief.  But the thief who heard the pronouncements of Baba became an ardant devotee of baba at a later date. Baba’s fame spread far and wide after this replies given by him during the enquiry. There was a school next to Shirdi. One teacher was serving in that school.

He was a very poor man. His name was Madhav Rao Deshpande. His mind understood very clearly that Baba is an incarnation (of God). He considered him as a deity and worshipped him within in his heart.  Whatever action he performed he submitted them in his mind first to Baba only. He had a complete belief  on  BABA that   Baba will protect him from all evils. He did encounter small problems both in his official duties as well as  in domestic life. But all the problems had a happy ending because of the blessings of Baba. When each and every problem was solved in his favour he thanked Baba  within his mind.  He used to meet Baba  in person whenever he had time and heard his preachings also and used to feel happy. One day a shocking  incident that he had not encountered in his entire life so far had occurred. While he was walking on the road very quietly towards the mosque to worship Baba, a Black Cobra suddenly came on his way from nowhere, bit him and crossed the road very fast within a fraction of second. The dangerous poison of the cobra began to spread all over his body.

Within few minutes, his body became blue in colour. Froth appeared in his mouth. Then only he understood what has happened to him. Those who were walking on the road came rushing to him. All of them who saw him were in utter shock. All of them quivered, throbbed and mentally agiated.   Nobody knew what to do further in that matter. But all of them knew one thing surely and that is he may die at any moment. But what to do? They were completely in mental agitation. But Mahav Rao had complete faith in Baba. So far in his life the one who solved all the problems he encountered, in his favour was none other than Baba who is God in human form. He surrendered before Baba this time also thinking will he not save him this time  from this problem also? He took the correct decision of  surrendering before baba.  He came running with froth coming out of his mouth continuously to the mosque where baba was seated, not losing even a second. Others also followed him in despair.  He began to climb the steps of mosque by uttering the words “O” Baba please save me. Don’t let me down who has surrendered you completely  please” repeatedly.  He was bitten by a dangerous and poisonous snake.

Death is sure. Few among the on lookers had a serious doubt as to how can Baba save him from the poison of this snake. But there were a few others among them  had a complete faith on Baba and that Baba willing he can save him. Baba saw keenly the person who was climbing the steps of the mosque with froth coming out of his mouth. He understood immediately that a poisonous snake had bitten his devotee. Those who saw the sharpness in his eyes were astonished. The very next moment he ordered the devotee who had come to him thinking him as his only savior “Don’t climb. I am ordering don’t climb. Stop. Get down”. But shouted in a harsh tone. His voice was a frightening one. Those who heard  the voice got frightened themselves. “ I have not done anything wrong. I have come here with full of hopes that Baba will save me. But Baba whom I believed is talking liking this. What to do now?” Thinking on these terms the devotee of Baba Madhav Rao Desshpande stood on the middle of the steps. His eyes shed tears like a waterfalls. The crowd was also in a shock  not knowing the reasons for these utterances of baba.

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