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March 11,2014
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But the very next moment, both Madhavrao and the crowd that had gathered there began to understand  the meaning behind the words uttered by Baba. The order such as Don’t climb, get down told by Baba was not aimed at Baba but for the poison which was rising in his blood in a fast manner. When the five elements of this world can obey Baba’s orders  why not the poison? It should also obey his orders.  Once the poison bowed to the order of Baba, it began to come down from rising in the blood. People were wonder struck on seeing the poison coming out the mouth of the sting and Madhav Rao’s body’s colour coming back to normal from blue. Madhav Rao who climbed the stairs fell at the feet of Baba saying “O” My God”.

He washed the feet of baba  which gives protection to his devotees with his tears. Baba who raised him from his feet said “As a father if I don’t protect my children who else will protect them? And wiped out with his fingers  the tears rolling out of the eyes of Madhav  Rao. People ‘s heart melted on seeing the compassion shown by baba who is Love personified. Though Baba’s fame spread like this in the initial years, there few in Shirdi who considered him as a mad Fakir. “ Roaming in the forest, not taking care of his dresses, sitting under the base of trees for hours together with closed eyes are the signs of a mad man” so thought the people there. They did not understand that there is not much difference in the out ward appearance  of Great souls and mad men. In the initial stage people considered even Rama Krishna parama hamsar as a mad person only. But He was not an  ordinary mad person but  a spiritually mad person.  People began to understand very slowly only, that  he had seen and worshipped God in direct contact and later he himself became God. Few oil mongers considered baba as a Mad person.

They will laugh within themselves when ever outsiders came to Shirdi to meet baba and worship him. As far as they concerned they have not seen any miracles done by Baba. So they refused to believe that Baba is God himself.  Even for them to believe Baba as God an incident occurred in Shirdi.  Baba used to light four earthen lamps and keep them one on each direction in the mosque where he lived.  Oil is required for the burning of lamps.  Just as he used to beg for his food, he used to beg for oil for lighting lamps. He used to beg for oil from several oil monger shops. Baba used to get oil from yhem.  Once when Baba asked for oil they started thinking. Where is the necessity for them to give oil for this mad man? After consulting among themselves all the traders(in oil) refused to provide oil for Baba. These ignorant persons did not understand that giving oil for burning the lamps in the mosque is a virtuous one. They did not feel that the evils present in Shirdi, are burnt away by the lighting of lamps by Baba.

Baba did not utter a single word for not providing him oil. He walked towards the mosque with a smile in his face. The traders winked their eyes and were laughing among themselves. Some of them came to the mosque to find out how he is going to light lamps that day. Baba took some water in a cup from the pot in which he had kept water for drinking. Then he poured all the water in all the lamps. Then he lit the wicks. The wicks obeyed the order of baba. They considered the water as oil. All og them began to burn and shine brilliantly with that water. The traders who saw this got frightened. They went back to the village and informed about this to their co traders. They explained this miracle not only to co traders but also to other people as well. The traders and the people came in large numbers and was astonished to see this wonderful leela of lamps burning not with oil but with water. All the traders fell at the feet of Baba and sought his pardon. They understood only then that Baba asked oil not for him but for driving away their sins.  They understood the great truth that the five elements such as sky, earth, water, air and fire obeys the orders of Baba.

Baba  had a hearty laugh. He consoled every one. He did not utter any other word. The matter which he did not talk  were shown  and felt by the light of the burning lamps. In the life history of the  Great soul in south India Vallalar  also, a similar act of burning lights with water is mentioned.  All great souls pour the oil called Bhakthi and drive away the darkness called ignorance  by lighting the lamp of wisdom. Once during the evening twil light time a magistrate came to worship Baba. He brought a pocket of potato Bonda along with him and gave it to Baba to eat. Baba ate that Bonda deliciously. He removed the thread used to fasten that pocket and wound it in his index finger without forgetting. After eating the Bonda he tied the thread between two cocanut trees  a little far off from the mosque. At that time there were none other than the magistrate and baba. The Magistrate was wondering as to what is the need to tie it around two trees. Baba said “ I am going to take rest. If you want to go you may go now.” The very next moment the magistrate was wonder struck and his head swirled  on seeing an incident that occurred then,

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