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March 11,2014
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On completion of Krishnavatharam, Perumal was staying at Vaikundam. At Bhoologam(earth) Kaliyugam has just commenced with all it’s attending evils. Under the presidentship of Khasyaba munivar, all rishis(sages) began a yagam with the sole objective of asking God to descend on the earth taking a new avatharam(incarnation).  Naradha maharishi who came to witness the yaga, asked the sages “To whom you are going to offer the benefits that will accrue out of this yaga.” The sages said they have decided to offer the benefits to a santhamoorthi. Sage Brughu went to vaikundam in search of a santhamoorthi among the three moorthis. Since Thirumal did pay attention to Brughu, the sage gave a kick on the chest of thirumal with his leg. Without getting angry, Thirumal touched the foot that gave the kick with reverence. The sages decided the benefits of the yaga to Thirumal who was calm, quiet and patient. Lakshmi asked her husband Perumal to give punishment To Brughu who kicked Perumal on his chest, but Perumal refused.

Getting angry Lakshmi left the Milk ocean and reached the earth and started doing a penance.  Permal went in search of Thirumagal(Lakshmi) in the earth and sat at Venkatagiri by closing his eyes in the form of a snake pit. He became hungry. Narada informed about this to Lakshmi who was in deep penance. Lakshmi became sad on hearing this.  Narada gave a suggestion to Lakshmi to ward of his hunger. As per the suggestion, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva assumed the form of a cow and calf. Lakhmi assumed the form of their master. She approached the king who was the ruler of that area at that time to sell the cow and calf. The cow purchased by the king went for pasturing, went to the snake pit and poured its milk. The shepherd who went behind the cow saw the cow pouring its milk in the snake pit. He wished to give a blow to he cow with the crow bar he had in his hand. But the crow bar by mistake hit the head of Permal who was inside the snake pit. Blood started coming out of the pit.  To cure the wound inflicted on his head with the crowbar Perumal went in search of a healing herb to an ashramam situated nearby. That ashramam belongs to Varaha moorthi.  Bahula Devi (who in her previous birth was Yashoda mother of Lord Krishna) staying in that ashramam on seeing her son Perumal’s face became emotional and was engulfed by a feeling of attachment. Thirumal called her “Mother”(Amma) in an affectionate voice. Bahula devi named her son as “Srinivasan”(One who is rich).

She applied medicine on the head of her son to cure the wound. She gave fruits to remove his hunger. At this time and stage King Aakaasarajan was ruling an area called Chandragiri. To get progeny, he fixed an auspicious time to perform Puthrakameshti yagam, in consultation with his family guru Sukama muni. While leveling the place meant for performing the yagam He got a box hidden deep in that place which contained a woman baby in a lying posture on a lotus leaf. Lotus (thamarai) is also called by the name Padmam. So he named the baby as Padmavathi. During Ramavatharam period, a female devotee called by the name Vethavathi did a penance to get Lord Rama as her husband. Lord Rama gave an assurance to her that at a later time he wii marry her. So Vethavathi was born as Padmavathi. And grew as the daughter king AAkaaraja. The marriage between Srinivasa Perumal and Padmavathi took place nicely. After that Srinivasa perumal is staying in this kaliyugam(will stay till the end of kali yugam) to bestow His blessings to all His devotees. Thondaiman, the chola king with the help of the divine sculpturer Vishwakarma built a temple for Srinivasa perumal. Padmavathi is staying at alarmelmangapuram offering her blessings. It is believed that Srinivasa perumal stays daily at night at Tiruchanur and returns to Tirumala in the mornings.

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