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March 12,2014
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The highest income earning temple in the whole of India. Income through Tonsuring of head(Mudi kaanikkai) is also the highest. Tirupathi Laddu is world famous. Purattasi sani vratham is observed for the sake of this Perumal. Purattasi is Tamil month (august-september) and Sani is Saturday. In India this vratham is observed by the highest number of persons. Karuda seva festival will take place on the fifth day of Purattasi Brahmothsavam. It is believed on this day the Moolavar (the in the sanctum sanctorum) himself comes out to bless devotees. Once upon time because of this the temple will be closed during his procession and will reopen only after He returns back to the temple. Now because of the heavy of the crowd the temple remains closed only just for few minutes. More than five lakhs devotees assemble to witness this function. Normally one would have seen seen as a cowherd. But  In this Tirupathi festival one will see Perumal as Sheepherd. One can witness this during Oonjal sewa.

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