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March 19,2014
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If we hear the reason for the swirling of the head of the magistrate, then our heads also will begin to swirl.  Baba who said that he is going to rest, climbed on a thread, lied down on it and began to sleep happily. A person can sleep on the floor or on a cot. But how one can sleep on a thread? The magistrate could not believe his own eyes. But the fame of baba lies on performing unbelievable acts. How could Baba make himself weightless so as to enable him on a thread?  The magistrate could not understand anything. The Magistrate who was observing this feat of Baba for a very long time with his eyes full of tears prostrated before him  and returned to his residence by praying him within his mind. Leading freedom fighters like Bala Gangadhara tilak met Baba at Shirdi even before Independence of Bharath.

Bala Gangadhara Tilak is one among the several freedom fighters who kindled the Indepandance thirst in the minds of the people of this country.  Since a large sections among Hindus worship Lord Ganesha, he felt that the unity among Hindus can be brought by Ganesh worship.  He paved the way to perform Ganesh Chathurthi festival by conducting processions and thereby he kindled the feeling of unity among the people of this country. He wrote a commentary for Srimad Bhagavath Geetha and thereby became famous. He,  having understood the fame and greatness of Baba, went and met Baba. That meeting took place in the year March 1912. Just like the Mahatma Gandhi and Paramachariyar (Kanchi Periyavar) meeting, the meeting of Tilak and baba is also considered very important. One Mr.  Dada Saheb Khaparde, a lawyer by profession was a devotee of Baba and at the same time was a friend Of tilak. He only brought Tilak to Baba. Mr. Tilak who got into raptures while having a arshan of Baba, put his head in the Lotus feet of Baba as a mark of respect and worshipped him.

Mr. Tilak considered baba as an incarnation of Thathathreyar( aspects of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma together in one form) and believed so also. Baba gave some confidential advice to Tilak. This incident high lights the fact that Baba’s advice and blessings were there behind India’s independence. The commissioner of Ahmednagar district(under whose juristriction falls Shirdi) heard about the news of the meeting of Baba and Mr. Tilak. He wanted to watch the role of Baba in the war of Independence. He ordered the Police department to watch the activities of Baba and send a confidential report to him on that. What to tell about the ignorance of that officer who wanted to watch the God who watches every one? It is said that told that India will become an  Independent nation surely and blessed to that effect. But that will happen in a non-violent manner. People say that Baba said the same with  exactness. Yet we are able to learn about what transfired between Baba and Mr. Tilak only to a certain extent and not fully but rhe complete details of their conversation is not available.

The reason why the conversation between baba and Mr. Tikak were kept confidential was  due to the fact that British were ruling the country at that period. There was a cloth merchant in Shirdi  by name Kashiram. He was a staunch devotee of baba. He was remembering Baba only at all times whether during eating of food, or sleeping or while selling cloths, He understood fully that Baba is a God in the human form. He had a earning desire in his mind to meet baba very frequently and worship him. He experienced a unique joy in satiation  in seeing the face of baba and the compassion shown by him in it. He used to visit Baba  by carrying an offering and with complete devotion. That was his habit. Once he went to worship Baba by carrying a small bundle of cloth with a little quantity of sugar in it. “While thinking of Baba mind experiences sweetness and so I should see with my eyes his eating of sugar in a beautiful way” Thinking on these terms, he closed his shop and began to walk on the road with a small bag containing sugar in it, leading towards the mosque.  

He did not notice that some persons were following him stealthily because he was walking on the road engrossed fully with the thought of Baba in his mind. The persons who followed  him were thieves. They felt that he being a cloth merchant must be having some valuable things in the cloth bundle he was carrying  so tightly. Either it may be the profit that he got on that day’s sales (in cash) or any other valuable thing. If Baba thinks he can convert the sugar into Gold bars or cash. But at that time only sugar was there in that bundle. This the thieves  did not understand. Will someone carry a bundle of sugar  so tightly and close to his chest? The thieves came to a wromg conclusion that there are some valuable things in that bundle without any iota of doubt. When the cloth merchant was walking in a lonely place where there none, they crossed on his way. They asked him by showing the knives in their hands to remove the ear rings he wore  and give it to them. Kanshi ram removed  his ear rings and gave it to them. Then they asked him to remove the Gold chain he was wearing around his neck. “These persons are having knives in their hands. In order to save my life let me give this gold chain also” thinking so he gave that chain also to them. Then they frightened him with a big noise to give the cloth bundle he was carrying close to his chest. “This bag contains sugar to offer for Baba. This is an offering to God. Will someone give it to pigs? Let me lose my ear rings and Gold chain. But I will not lose this offering to my God Baba.” So thought kanshi ram. At the very next moment an unexpected thing had happened.

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