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March 25,2014
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Yes.  At that time in the mosque at shirdi  those who had gathered for the darshan of Baba  were wondering as to why baba got up from the place where he is seated. He was behaving as if possessed by a devil. He was furious.  The devotees could not understand as to why he is behaving in an un natural manner as if possessed by some force.  Baba was abusing and uttering a cry of distress or trouble, bellowing and at the same time beating his mouth with his hand. He was fighting in the air. His eyes were red like a hot iron. From this conduct of Baba the villagers of Shirdi surmised that some dear devotee od Baba is in deep trouble and Baba was raising a hue and cry to save him.  Kashi ram who was standing before the thieves trembling, suddenly  became furious and began to attack the thieves with both hands. He is a very weak bodied person, But there were four thieves who were strong bodied with great muscle power. On seeing Kashiram  getting furious and began to attack all of them they were flabbergasted.  Kashiram picked up a sword of one of the thieves which was lying on the ground and put two thieves to death with it, In the mean time the third thief hit Kashiram with an axe on his head. Kashiram lost consciousness  and fell to the ground. Considering him as dead the remaining two thieves fled from that place.

But kashiram was not dead. He regained consciousness after some time. He was asked to go to a doctor  by others but as he had boundless confidence in Baba he did not heed their advice and returned to Shirdi went straight to the Mosque and fell at the feet of Baba as a mark of reverence.  Baba came to his normal and asked him calmly whether he had handed over the thieves to the police. Then only it occurred to him that it was not he but baba who fought with the thieves. The devotees heart melted in knowing how baba comes to their rescue when they ( devotees ) are in trouble,  to save them.

Baba wished that all should take care of their bodies well and nourish them. Baba used to insist often that his devotees should be devoid all bad habits, eat good food and take care of their health.  One is remembered of  Tamil Saint Tirumoolar  who said  I developed the body and did I develop my soul? Don’t neglect your body but at the same don’t pamper it also too much. But body should be taken care of  in a proper manner. The soul rides on the horse called body. To undertake one’s life journey in a proper manner, this body on which this soul rides should be hale and healthy. Just as a horse traveler takes care of his horse’s health  in the same manner we should take care of our body’s health. We got this body to enable us to attain our sole aim of reaching God. To attain self realization a healthy body is a must. Baba never advised his devotees to do Bakthi  by troubling their bodies. He who had a motherly affection on his devotees  showed the motherly feeling in the matter of taking care of their health.

Not only that. He emphasized the necessity of living one/s life with the tacit understanding that baba himself resides in all the living beings. Baba’s ardent devotee Mrs. Tharkad was residing in a house in Shirdi. One day she was preparing her mid day meals. She was mixing the rasam ( a dish) with a handle. One dog which was very hungry began to bark continuously.  When she understood that the dog is barking because of hunger she became very compassionate. She threw a dry loaf of bread at it.  It took and ate it. Similarly a pig bespattered with mud came. She threw a piece of bread for it also. The incident happened in its natural course. She did not give much importance to it nor bear it in her mind. After the after noon lunch when the lady came as per usual practice and sat at a distance in the mosque. Sai said kindly “Oh” mother, You fed me today because which I am full up to my throat. I was overcome with hunger and you satisfied me. You must act like this always.” The lady could not understand anything. She said “How could  I have served food to you?  How could it happen at my hands? I am dependant. I spend and eat whatever I can get.” Baba replied with a smile in his face. “when you sat down for your meals you suddenly saw a dog come to the door. Wwhich was suffering with extreme hunger. I am one with that dog.

I move about in different forms as dog, pig cow, cat, ant and fly or fish. To which ever living being which is in hunger when you feed them it reaches me only. The loaf of bread which you gave today to the dog and pig had reached me. Mrs. Tharkad became horripilated and became emotional. She understood that she is sitting before the Almighty. There was a devotee in shirdi by name Nanavalli.  He used to take care of all the requirements of Baba. One day all of a sudden  he came before Baba straight ,when  Baba was sitting before his devotees. He ordered to Baba “Now I want to sit in your seat. Please get up from your seat immediately.  The devotees were looking at Baba in bewilderment.

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