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April 01,2014
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Baba was looking at that lad’s face very affectionately.  It must have appeared  to him as a son rebuking his father. He got up from his seat without any hesitation. He made Nanavalli to sit in his seat. After sitting at Baba’s seat for some time he got up from that seat. He requested Baba to sit in his seat again. Then he prostrated at the feet of Baba and left the place. After sitting in his seat once again baba had a hearty laugh. The devotees were thinking in their minds as to what this incident teaches or what is the message behind this incident. There will be an inner meaning in each leela he performed.  Did Baba make us to feel that people should be prepared to give up their job(post), desire etc., at any time. Or does he want us to understand that he is prepared to come down to any extent to fulfill the desires of his devotees.  Whatever it may be one thing was very clear to his devotees.  Baba is not like certain spiritual leaders who are fond of wealth, power and fame. Truly Baba is beyond all these. He is a true sanyasi without any attachment to anything or anybody.

Baba’s devotees celebrated him as per their desire. Baba gave his permission for that. Some will sit before him and sing devotional songs. A fe will play on musical instruments. Several will sit in deep meditation. Some will fan him. Some devotees will consider him as an incarnation of Lord Rama. Some will bring cooked food or sugar candy, raisin or grapes as an offering to Baba. Baba had paved ways for his devotees to get joy arising out of their devotion. He never said no to any one nor prevented any one from anything. Baba allowed his devotees to wash his legs with devotion and show arathi to him. But he avoided his devotees from applying sandal paste on his fore head. Only Mahal sapathi  his ardent devotee was allowed to apply sandal paste around his neck. No other devotee was allowed to apply sandal paste on his fore head. But why Baba did not allow this? What reason can be attributed.  Only Baba alone knows the secret. Perhaps is Baba an incarnation of Shiva. Probably he didn’t like the cooling of the sandal paste in his third eye. But the incident that happened on that day was scene never witnessed sofar by any one. Applying the sandal paste on his fore head which was allowed by him  on that day. Dr. Pandith came to shirdi to worship Baba for the first time. After prostrating at the feet of Baba he sat in front of him quietly watching his serene face. It was felt that his inner mind has understood that Baba is a living God. His eyes shone brilliantly because of his intense devotion. Baba also looking at Dr. Pandith  with affection as he has come to worship him for the first time. It appeared that Baba  was having a penetrate look at his mind.

There after Baba told Dr. Pandithi “Enquire where is the residence of Kelkar  and tell him that I have sent you to him. He might be on his way to meet me with all the pooja materials including sandal paste. Please come back to the mosque along with him.” And sent Dr. Pandith to Kelkar’s house.  Dr, Pandith considered the words as the Vedas and left the Mosque, enquired about the residence of Kelkar went to his house and informed him that baba had sent him(Dr, Pandith). Kelkar extended a warm welcome to him carried with him flowers, agar pathi, camphor,sandal paste and also other offerings such as sugar candy. Grapes etc., took Dr. Pandith along with him and came to worship Baba. He kept the pooja materials before Baba, At that time Dr. Pandith was also sitting next to Kelkar. Pandith who was looking at Baba forgetting himself,  got up and took the sandal from the pooja materials poured some water in it mixed it thoroughly.

Devotees were looking at him in bewilderment as to what he is going to do next. Pandith went near Baba and drew three horizontal lines with the sandal paste on the fore head of baba. It appeared as if he has forgotten this world and in trance. Baba was sitting quietly without doing anything. On seeing this the assembled devotees were astonished. Especially Mahal sapathi was astonished the most. Baba who was permitting to apply sandal only up to his neck, how did he allow today to apply in the fore head. This riddle was not solved till that night. Pandith took leave Baba. Baba was sitting with a smiling face with those sandal  paste horizontal lines on his fore head. Kelkar put the question to Baba which was agitating the minds of other devotees aswell. He put the question straight to Baba “ Baba, You never allowed anyone to apply sandal paste on your fore head. But how did you permit Pandith to day to apply the sandal paste on your fore head?” Everyone was waiting the hear the  reply of Baba very eagerly. But replied with humorously. On hearing the reply everyone including Kelkar reached to the top of astonishment. It was such a wonderful reply. Nobody did expect that Baba will give such a reply.

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