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April 08,2014
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Here is the wonderful reply. “How can I refuse that? Pandith consideres me as his Guru kaka Puranic. Raghunath maharaj is another name for kaka Puranic. Pandith thinks now he has another name also called baba. He sees in my form his Guru. I have to recognize his Guru bhakthi, All the Gurus are me only. He applied the sandal paste on my fore head just as he applies on his Guru’s forehead.  When he applied sandal paste on my fore head I was not baba. I am kaka puranic only. On hearing this the devotees expressed their bewilderment. They enquired with Pandith also about  this. By folding both hands as amark of reverence Pandith accepted the same whole heartedly. Every one wondered in knowing the extradinary skill that Baba had in studying and knowing the inner thoughts of men  at the bottom of heir heart.

At the same time what is there in it to wonder?  It is baba only who remains as a divine power inside the heart of each and every one, and continuously and read inner thoughts. In general very great souls have the capacity and power to keep the five elements in this cosmos I,e., such as air, sky, earth  agni and water. They have complete control over their five senses. With the help of goad like instrument (Angusam in Tamil) called  strong mind and will power a realized soul controls the elephant called five senses. The great souls will sparingly use that special and unequivocal power on very rare occasions and where it is absolutely necessary.

The Mother od Aurobinda ashramam  while travelling in a ship when a tempest hit the ship, separated her soul from her body, reached the sky and reprimanded the evil forces that produced the tempest. Stopping and controlling the tempest thus,  she saved all her co passengers travelling along with her in that ship. There are several incidents and instances  in the life history of baba also in which he kept the five elements of nature under his control. One day evening when darkness was just setting in. All of a sudden Thunder accompanied by lightning and cyclone attacked Shirdi village. Within half hour all the streets were heavily flooded.  Flood water started entering in all the houses situated in the low lying areas. The wheat grains and other food articles was washed away by it. The roofs made of palms flew away in the air. People came out of their houses to open ground. Men, women and children were completely drenched in the rain water.

What to do now/ How to escape from the fury of this cyclonic rain? Only then they saw that wonderful sight. The animals which have five fold knowledge are better than the six fold knowledge human beings. They saw herds of cows and sheep heading towards the mosque.  For these animals might have felt that Baba is none other than Lord Krishna who saved men and animals from the fury of cyclonic rain by lifting the Govardhana giri  hill on his index finger so that all of them can come anr remain under its shade. They remained outside the mosque praying for baba’s compassion. All the people who saw this wonderful sight rushed to the mosque following the animals. They surrendered at him and at the same time cried in loud voices “Baba please protect us” Baba who is an incarnation of none other God had taken the human form only to protect the humanity. He looked the men, women, children and all the animals compassionately. Then he got up furiously and came outside the mosque. He looked at the sky very keenly.

Thunder, lightning  and  wind   were completely threatening Shirdi village. His eyes were red like kovai fruit. It looked as if Lord shiva has opened his third eye. Looking at the sky he roared. “Stop. Enough is your fury. With whom you are playing/ I will cut your tails. Don’ you know that Cows, sheep and human beings are here under my protection?  Be careful  Just close  your shop and run away, Don’t remain here even for a fraction of a second.” People who heard the roaring of Baba were frightened and kept their mouth shut. It was not an ordinary roaring. It was a roar like thunder. As if some one has switched off a Bore water  motor in the sky the rain stopped at once. It looked as though that  cyclonic wind is seeking the pardon Of Baba  because it became a gentle breeze thereafter. It touched in a gentle way the feet of Baba. People worshipped Baba in a joyful mood and thanked him. Then all of them dispersed and went back to their respective houses.

Baba  gently stroked the body of the cows and sheep with his hands . They also slowly dispersed  looking back at him continuously as if they don’t want to leave him. Baba, standing at the entrance of the mosque was watching compassionately  the people, cows and sheep return to their houses  who had come there seeking his protection. The Moon has just appeared in the sky just then and was looking at this wonderful sight. Not only rain, Baba had kept even fire under his control. One day lot of people had assembled in the mosque.  The fire in the Dhuni used to burn continuously.  All of a sudden the fire in the Dhuni started burning in a vigorous manner. It had almost touched the upper portion of the mosque. It looked as if it will spread to all the other places also very quickly. People panicked. Baba took in his hand the stick called SATKA which he used carry always along with him. He did not go towards the fire but went near the pillar.  What Baba is going to do?.

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