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April 15,2014
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Baba hit the pillar heavily with his satka. “O” Fire, Get down, Why this fury? I am ordering. Get down immediately.” Roared Baba with a heavy voice. With every stroke the flames lessened and subsided. Then it began to shine in a normal manner. It looked  as if the fire with its folded hands was worshipping. Devotees got astonished. They worshipped him humbly with the thought in their minds that baba had control over the five elements  of Nature. The five elements were obeying the creator who is none other than himself. The God of Fire Agni, in the tail of Lord Hanuman,  obeying the orders of Seetha Devi became cool against his nature.

When Seetha Devi entered the fire, Agni the Lord of Fire was not hot and handed over her to Lord Rama. It is a fact right from the days of Ramayana period that fire will be submissive to God. It is but natural that fire will be submissive to the God who has created it. Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavath Gita “PARITHRANAYA SATHOONAM VINACHAYA CHA DHUSHKRITHAM”.  The purpose of his incarnation was to protect the Good and destroy the evil. Baba destroyed the evil. He changed the evil persons to good persons and protected them.  He protects those who surrendered him when he was alive and protects even now though he is not alive in a body. He uplifts them in their lives. This is a truth experienced by  Baba’s devotees even today. Divine force will definitely pay heed  to those who surrender themselves  completely without an iota doubt is the basic tenet of Spirituality. Baba has never showed any difference between the high and low.

There is no difference between the rich and poor in his presence. He did not care for differences in caste and religion. Only those who have surrendered themselves fully before him had the right to seek his blessings. There is philanthropist equal to baba in bestowing  blessings. He did not differentiate  men, beasts and plants. All have his blessings since he only has created  all of them. The various acts(Leelas in Tamil) performed By Lord Shiva who bore the beating with a stick on his back  for the sake of  Puttu ( kind of food) are called Thiruvilaiyadal.  The Rasa leelas performed by Lord Krishna are praised  as  his leelas. Likewise the Leelas performed by Baba are numerous. He still continues to perform leelas in the lives of his devotees.  Those who watch and search their lives very carefully and keenly, understanding the leelas performed by Baba in their lives continue to show their devotion (Bhakthi) . The sorrows  and sufferings due to severe and chronic diseases  ailing their bodies, are removed  immediately by the medicine called  “Trust and Cofidence” on him.

Baba’s holy feet are the boat to cross over the ocean called Birth. Baba takes care of the well beings of those who clutch his holy feet  who himself remains unattached. It then becomes his responsibility to protect them. Rama Krishna Paramahamsar used to tell his devotees “Give to me your power of attorney (Vakkalathu in tamil).”  Like wise if we give our power of attorney to him and entrust ourselves to him then he gives us an assurance  for our bright future. But will all get the opportunity to surrender themselves to him?  Even for that we should have done good things(Punniyam in tamil) in our previous births. There is a saying “With his blessings worshipping his Lotus feet”. Even the desire to know him will occur, only if we have his blessings. The number of days that we should stay  at Shirdi is also as per the will of Baba only. He only decides it. It was the same even now when he is not physically present and alive as it was during those days when he was alive and physically present.

Kaka Mahajani was  an ardent devotee of Baba. He was residing in Mumbai. Krishna Jeyanthi celebrations came. There will be celebrations at shirdi in connection with Krishna Jeyanthi. Baba is a living Lord Kishna.  To get the benefits of worshipping Lord Krishna in person, it is enough if we worship Baba in person. “Let me go to Shirdi. Stay there for one week and enjoy the celebrations of Krishna Jeyanthi”.  Hew decided like this and informed his proprietor that he is taking leave for one week, and entrusted his job for that period to a colleague of him in the office and left for Shirdi. He may go to shirdi.  But  the number of days of  his stay at Shirdi is decided by Baba only. How can he decide that he is going to stay for seven days at Shirdi? Immeditely after he worshipped Baba, Baba enquired him “O,K” When are you going to return to Mumbai?”  

What is this? “I thought of staying at Shirdi for about a week and enjoy the celebrations of Krishna jeyanthi. But Baba is asking like this?  Kaka Mahajani felt sad. But he did not object to what Baba had said. Speaking in humbly he said that he came with an idea of staying at Shirdi for about a week but if Baba orders and tells him the number of days that he should stay at shirdi he will obey and stay accordingly. Baba was satisfied with his reply. Baba’s eyes were observing him keenly and sharply. Baba will study the mind and future of any one through his eyes. Baba ordered all of a sudden. “It is enough if you stay at Shirdi just for one night. Leave for Mumbai tomorrow. Go to your office also, tomorrow itself ,without forgetting.” Kaka Mahajani could not understand the reason for this sudden order and he became sad and was also wondering about this order. He obeyed the orders of Baba without a murmur nd not uttering a word. Next day he went to Mumbai. He went to his office also on the same day. There…..?

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