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April 22,2014
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There his boss was expecting  his arrival with lot of anxiety.  He embraced him by saying “O” you have come”. He asked him whether he received his letter. Kaka said that he didn’t receive any letter. Kaka’s boss further said that he was waiting for his arrival only. The reason is this. The office manager suddenly became ill. There  is a problem in the administration. Nobody knew how to perform the duties of the manager. The duties performed by the manager were temporarily  entrusted to kaka Mahajani. Kaka did very well  the temporary job entrusted to him. Kaka performed those duties whole heartedly. The duties performed by the temporary  manager was far better than that was performed by the permanent manager. Kaka mahajani was given a promotion for having helped to overcome the problem. Kaka felt that Baba’s blessings was responsible for his promotion in the job.

The letter sent by the proprietor to Shirdi asking Kaka to return immediately to Mumbai reached Shirdi two days late. Then it was returned back to the Kaka’s Mumbai address. How baba had the knowledge of the problem that is going to occur in a private firm in Mumbai well in advance? Why not? Is there any subject in this world which God does not know? After getting the promotion, Kaka came back to Shirdi  and with tears rolling down from his eyes prostrated at the lotus feet of Baba. Baba with a smiling face wiped out the tears. “Is there any other duty for me except helping my devotees? “ Baba’s compassionate look at Kaka expressed this feelings in him(baba).

Mule sastri from Nasik was an expert and specialist in palmistry. He will not even  casually look  at others who belong to other religion. He was very strict in following the dictates of scriptures and moral principles. The meditation and penance that he performed  daily were many.  The Late Golap swami was his Guru. Even though his Guru is no more, his mind didn’t accept any other person as his Guru. He used to worship his Guru daily by keeping his portrait. He was always remembering his Guru’s feet to which he has surrendered, and was living without any attachment. Mr. Babu Saheb Booty of Nasik was a very rich person. He used to consult and show his palms to Mule sastri. When Booty went to Shirdi once, Mule sastri also went there along with him on the invitation of Booty. Mule Sastri did not have any other work except meeting  Booty. He had heard  from others that there is a great soul by the name  Sai Baba in the mosque. Booty is very strict in following the dictates of scriptures and moral principles and so where is the necessity for him to go to mosque. He was doing meditations etc., by sitting in his place. He did not turn up towards the mosque. But what a difficulty it is? When he went to meet his friend Booty. He took Sastri also along with him informing that he is going to meet Baba. Sastri had no other alternative except to accompany Booty, and he also walked towards the mosque along with Booty.

On seeing Baba, sastri did not show any expression on his face of his surprise or respect. He was very firm in his mind that except Guru Golap swami there is no other Guru for him, though his mind leaned towards Baba and he reconfirmed his firmness towards his Guru Golap Swami once again in his mind. Baba looked  at Sastri very compassionately. That compassionate look affected  the mind of Sastri. Sastri sat there without uttering a word. He requested Baba whether he can have Baba’s permission to look at his palm, with the inner meaning thereby that he had come to meet Baba  professionally only.  But Baba did not like to show his palm to sastri.  Baba who used to stretch his arm for alms in various houses refused to stretch  his hands towards Sastri  for some reason or other. He gave few plantain fruits to Sastri as his Prasad. Sastri accepted the fruits and returned back to the place where he was staying.  Then he took bath and started doing his usual mediation.

At that time Baba who was in the mosque said “Take some ochre powder. I wish to wear saffron coloured garments”.  Everyone was surprised. What would  he do with ochre powder? Everyone started thinking why was he reminded of ochre colour today?  Baba went to take his bath. While returning from Bath  he appeared in saffron coloured dress. The devotees worshipped with joy Baba in his new dress. Baba sat on his seat. Devotees began to offer their worship. Arathi also started. Baba all of a sudden called Booty. He asked him to go to Mule Sastri and fetch from him his dakshina(money offering). Booty is a very rich man and so he can offer dakshina  to baba for any number of times. But he knows the rule that dakshina should be brought only from the person from whom it was asked. Booty got up and walked towards the place where Sastri was residing.

Booty informed Sastri  that  baba asked  dakshina from him. Sastri got annoyed. “Why should he offer dakshina to Baba? My Guru is Golap Swami only. Then why should  I offer Dakshina to the  one who is in the mosque?” Sastri thought for a while like this. But the person who has asked Dakshina is Baba ,respected as a great soul by many in Shirdi. The person who has come to take the Dakshina is a very person, Big Millionre. So it is but proper  only that he should go to the mosque and offer Dakshina to Baba in person directly. Taking the Dakshina in his hand he walked towards the mosque along with Booty. He went to the mosque but stood at a distance from the mosque. He took some flowers in his hand and threw them at Baba in the form of doing Archana  to Baba as Booty normally does. But a strange thing happened after that.  All the devotees came to know of  the reason as to why Baba wanted to appear in a ochre coloured dress on that particular day  only after that incident.

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