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May 20,2011
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9.1   Dress for Avudaiyar(Base portion of the Lingam) :  White dress during Kaala santhi. (before dawn), Red dress during Midday(Uchchi kaaala pooja), Yellow dress during  the sayarakchai(Evening Sandhya time)  and all  colour dess for the Artha sama pooja(Night).

9.2  Old, torn, faded in colour, bitten  by  rat  dresses should not be adorned.

9.3  The sacred thread(Upaveetham or Poonool in tamil )should be adorned by uttering Kavacha Manthras. Dress should be put on the avudaiyar by uttering Hrudaya Manthras,  Sandal paste mixed in fragrant watershould be applied
9.4 Sandal paste made by Arugu, Kumkumam(Vermillion),camphor, scented water(Panner in tamil) should also applied.

9.5 The head portion (top of the head of the linga) should not remain empty and at least one flower should be kept there.

9.6  The fresh flower should be kept,  in between the Kanishta(Small finger) finger and Anamika finger(The finger in which one normally wear a ring). With the help thumb (Angusta finger) and Index finger(Tharjanee finger) the old flower called Nirmalyam should  be removed. At the same time (i.e., while removing the old flower(Nirmalyam) the new and fresh flower should be kept on the top of the Linga simultaneously . You will observe that the middle finger is not al used.

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