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May 20,2011
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12.1  Before the beginning  of the  abhishegam, at the end of the abhishegam, At the beginning of Neivethyam, At the start of the festival, at the end of the festival and at the end of the dance. The bell must be rung only at these periods.

12.2  At the beginning of Vigneswara pooja, during purification (Punyahavachanam) function the hand bell must be rung. During Dhoopa(incense) Deepa(burning of lamps with wicks soaked in ghee) and during bali pooja(cooked rice offering for assistant devadas) the hand bell must be run continuously without any break.

12.3  How many times the bell must ring?  And the result for it:  once; Moksham or Liberation   Twice; Wealth  Thrice; Attainment of siddhi(one of the eight mystical powers). At the time of showing of the Dhoopam and Deepam, Punyahavachanam(purification ceremony),Neivethyam and offering of Bali one can ring the bell twice. During Deeparathana(showing of camphor it dheepam) the bell must be rung once but fastly.  For all othe purposes the bell must be rumg thrice and it should produce loud sound.

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