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May 20,2011
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15.1  The methods/ways adopted to do poojas are kept as if to appreciate God’s five jobs. 1. Creation; abhishegam  2. Protection; neivethyam 3. Samharam(destruction):  Giving Bali (offering of cooked food balls)4. Thirobhavam: Deeparathanai  5. Anugraham(Blessing)Homam. If poojas are not performed in the right manner/way then why should god bless us by doing his jobs

15.2 Diseases will occur if poojas are not done. If flower is not offered the family will perish. No sandal paste then leprosy will occur. If water is not offered  then sorrow and affliction will oocur.  If doopam is not shown then well being will be lost. If deepam is not shown then loss of property will occur. If neivethyam is not offered then  famine will occur. If Manthras are not recited then poverty will occur. If Vastram(dress) is not offered then  a big disease will afflict. If Bali is not offered then the the entire village will get ruined. If ghee is not offered then death will occur. If Bilva leaves, Arugu grass(a type of grass for God Ganesh) and akshathai(Unbroken rice coloured with turmeric powder)are not offered then threat from enemies will be there. If Bell is not rung during poojas then deafness will occur. If agni(holy fire) is not protected daily then it will produce great harm/evil for the king and the country. If other pooja articles are not offered then it will kindle the wrath of Devathais(small god and goddess) because of which bad results will occur and spell doom.

15.3  If there is no sandal paste in the pooja then fear will gripple. 2. If jewels are not adorned to the idol poverty will befall. 3. If Flower and dhoopam are not offered in the pooja then  the country will perish. 4. If deepam is not shown during the pooja  wealth will disappear. 5. If Neivethyam is not offered then famine will occur. 6. If homams are not performed then it lead to troubles. 7. Bali is not offered then it wil spell doom to the rulers. 8. If Dance is not performed and if devotional songs are not sung at the close of the poojas then it will produce sorrow. 9. If Manthras are not recited then it will  bring fear of death(Marana payam in tamil) 10. If worship is not done according to aagamas then diseases will inflict the entire he nation.

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