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May 20,2011
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16.1  worshipping the god by coming to the temple on a day when one has taken other’s food.
16.2  Doing neivethyam with other’s materials
16.3  Going to the  temple without performing pooja normally done in the house daily.
16.4  Requesting the god for the detriment of others.
16.5  After having an inter course, the couples going to the temple without taking bath.
16.6  Going to the temple during menses days
16.7  Person who was talking with a woman who is in her menstrual period, or those who have gone very near to such a woman. Such persons can go to the temple  only after taking bath.
16.8 Persons who have pollution (theettu in tamil) caused by death.
16.9  Those who have seen a dead body, who have accompanied a corpse(dead body) , those who have touched persons who are polluted by the death should go to the temple only after taking bath.
16.10  Those who have controlled their excrement and urine (Mala jalam in tamil)
16.11  Those who have not cleaned themselves after doing mala jalam.
16.12  Going to temple wearing a black dress and doing pooja.
16.13  Going to the temple  angrily and doing pooja
16.14  After crossing over the Dwaja sthambam(Flag mast), Bali Peeetam and having gone inside doing prostrations.(Namaskarams in tamil) in any place.
16.15 Walking in between the God and Nandhi(Divine Bull) or circumambulation.
16.16  Wearing wet dresses or polluted dress.
16.17  Going to the emple after having food.
16.18  Going to temples on those days when one has gone to the cremation or burial ground.
16.19  Going to temples on those days during which one has taken non vegetarian food or onion or garlic
16.20  Entering the temple without washing one’s feet.
16.21  Touching the idols
16.22  Lighting camphor or lighting wicked lamps near the idols.
16.23  Trimming (Thoonduthal in tamil) a lamp inside a temple and rubbing/ cleaning the hands by touching the walls of the temple
16.24  Spitting
16.25  Observing the Neivethyam
16.26  Crossing or treading(Mithi in tamil) the flowers on the floor (nirmalyam in tamil) which were worn by Lord Shiva
16.27  Treading (Mithiththal in tamil0 the shadows of temple tower, dwaja sthambam and bali peetam
16.28  Covering the upper body with a cloth by the male members
16.29  Without applying the sacred ash(Vibhuthi)  in the fore head.
16.30  Without Tuft(Kudumi in tamil)
16.31  without tying the hair
16.32  Removing the waste from the nose.
16.33  Sneezing
16.34  Yawning(Kottavi in tamil)
16.35  Keeping anything inside the mouth
16.37  Talking
16.38  Circumambulating  fastly
16.39 Heavy and fast Breathing as a result of which the deepam may extinquish
16.40  Talking about other temples in this temple
16.41 Sitting on the floor of the temple by stretching one’s hands and legs.
16.42  Lying down(Paduththal in tamil)
16.43   Sleeping inside the temple
16.44  Laughing
16.45  Crying
16.46  Beating
16.47  Quarrelling
16.48  Spitting
16.49  Excreting and urinating
16.50  Playing
16.51  Showing one’s back to the idol
16.52  Chewing  Thamboolam (betal leaves with arecanut)
16.53  Going inside the temple by sitting on a vehicle or wearing foot wear.
16.54  During festivals after seeing them  leaving the place without worshipping.
16.55  Doing wrong things either knowingly or un knowingly
16.56  Worshipping without cleaning one’s body
16.57  worshipping with one hand only
16.58  Doing the circumambulation in the opposite direction
16.59  Taking food by sitting in front of the idols with stretched legs.
16.60  Chewing and tasting food
16.61  Uttering lies
16.62  Speaking loudly
16. 63  Arguing
16. 64  Crying by remembering some thing
16 .65  Participating in the quarrel
16.66  Blessing others by thing high of him self
16. 67  Uttering of rash words by male against female and female against male members
16 .68  By cursing others by thinking high of himself
16. 69 Covering the body by woollen clothes
16.70  Praising others
16.71  Disrespecting others
16.72  By releasing the Apaana vaayu(one of the ten different kind of gases in the body pressing down wards)
16. 73  Uttering inauspicious words
16.74  Not doing Divine service according to one’s capacity, wealth
16.75  Eating  the food not offered to the God.
16.76  Not offering the seasonal fruits as per the season
16.77  Offering the left over food to God
16.78  Sitting at the back side of the Sannidhi
16.79  Saluting others inside the temple
16.80  Even after seeing one’s teacher in the temple not offering  respects to him
18.81  Self boasting
18.82  Talking ill of any other deity of any other temple

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