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November 02,2010
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For Brahma one day is calculated  as four chathur yugas multiplied by two thousand. (There are four yugas such as kritha yuga17,28,000 man years Thtetha yuga 12,96,000 man years Dwabara yuga 8,64,000 man years and Kali yuga 4,32,000 man years. By totaling all these you get  43,20,000 man years. If you multiply these 43,20,000 man years  by 2000 years i.e., 7,30,000 days the result figure is just One day for Brahma). Once as per the above calculation 43,20,000 man  years , which is oneday was over Brahma went to sleep on that night. The celestials also went to their Deva lokam. At that time a huge deluge appeared and killed all the living beings. Because of that the world disappeared. Tirumal taking the form of a small child slept on the Banyan leaf. On seeing this every one worshipped that child. On hearing the sound of the worship(aarathanai in tamil)Tirumal woke up from his sleep and searched for the old world. He saw that it is lying at the Paathaala lokam(the nether world in English). Immediately he took an incarnation as a Pig(varagam in tamil)and established it back in its place by bringing the same with his horn. Then he went to sleep again in the milk of ocean. In the mean time night was over and started for Brahma. He brought back all the human beings, celestials and thre fourteen worlds made Indra once again to rule. Since he did not know what has all happened in the night , He was under the impression that the activities of the world is taking place because of him and became proud of it because of ego. He felt that he is the first and foremost only God, and while circumambulating the world He saw Tirumal in his Yoga Nithrai(yoga state of inactivity of the body but with active mental state). He went and asked Tirumal as to who is HE?He replied that ‘I am your father’. An altercation of words took place between them. It resulted into a war to decide as to who is Big. Because of the the entire living beings in the world suffered. Immediately Sage Narada appeared in the scene and told to both of them that neither of them is big and only Lord Shiva is big. If war is continued Lord Shiva will appear in the form of Light (jothi in tamil). So saying sage Narada disappeared. But the war continued. After some time a big column of Light appeared and a voice was heard from it.It said that among the two of them who ever sees his top portion and bottom portion first then he only will be the Big among the wo. Immediately Brahma took the form of a swan and went in search of the top portion of the column of light. Tirumal took the form of a Pig and went down insearch of the bottom of that column of light. Both of them could not find the top or bottom of that column of light. They surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. They felt sad also. Immediately both of them made a Siva lingam and established it there and worshipped the same. Immeditely Lord Shiva appeared on the scene and told them Brahma has appeared from  my right side and Tirumal from the left side. So for me both are one and the same. So saying he disappeard from the scene. The column of Light which was standing between the sky and the earth get it self reduced in size and became a mountain. That is Tiruvannamalai. The lingam worshipped by both of them is called Lingothbavar.

If we worship the Lingothbavar in the temple of Arunachaleswara at Tiruvannamalai  all the wrongdoings and crimes of ours will disappear. We will not think of committing any crime or wrong doings in future. iHe is capable of providing all that we pray for. Here circumambulating the mountain (called Giri Prathakshinam in tamil) on Full Moon day(Pournami) is considered a special feature. By worshipping Him all problems arising out of sun’s rays will be solved. By doing archana Nandhiyavattai flowers(called eastern roseboy in English) and offering the neivethyam of cooked rice or milk on Full Moon day  our mind will be in a clear state. Further by doing abishegam with a cold gingili oil  to the Lord Shiva here all diseases arising out of intense heat will be cured.

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