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November 02,2010
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Shivalingam has got a unique speciality. If there is a face for Shiva lingam it is called Muga lingam. There are four types of Muga lingams. They are AAtyam, Anatyam, Surettiyam, Sarva samam. In this AAtyam has 1001 lingams in it. Surettiyam has in it 101 lingams. Anatyam and Surettiya ligam have no faces in them. Sarva sama has five Vedas as faces called EEsaanam, Thathpurudam, Akoragam, Satyo jatham and Vamam. What does Mugalingam represents or explains? God is like lamp and light inseparable.  Brahma, Ruthra, Vishnu, Maheswara and Sada sivam is called Mugalingam.  These five perform five different functions. The base power for all these four is God who can be worshipped through Muga lingam.

We have three places to worship Mugaligams. They are 1)Thiruvakkarai 2)Kachchabeswarar 3) Kottaiyur. In this the Muga linga moorthi situated in the Chandra Mouleeswarar Temple at Thiruvakkarai is a special one. Lord Shiva appears with three faces on the round shaped Avydaiyar(the circular base of the sivalingamwith a dsigned shape}which again  rests on a square shaped base. By taking bath in the temple pond and performing archana with bilva leaves even enemies will forget their enemity and will become friends. It is believed that Vakra Kali who obeys the command of Lord Shiva will punish them. Further during Pradosha time (thirteenth day either weaning or waxing phases of Moon)By performing Archana with Thumbai flower (called in English white dead nettle)and offering Plain cooked rice (Sudhdha annam in tamil) it is sure one will get good life. Further at Kancheepuram Kachchabeswarar temple also there is a Muga lingam. Another Muga lingam is situated at Kottaiyur near Kumbakonam. The Muga Linga moorthi in this place is very powerful. It is believed that by performing abishegam with Sugar one will have all round success in all activities.   

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