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November 02,2010
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He who appears with matted head (jada mudi in tamil)has five faces. He has ten hands i.e., two for each head. On His Left hand He has trident(tirisoolam in tamil)and axe(Mazhu in tamil), a sword and beeja pooragam. Another hand in the form  offering his  protection(Abhaya muththirai in tamil). On His left hand he carries a snake, Paasam(a coir), Neelorbhavam(blue coloured flower), Angusam(goad like implement0,damarugam(a musical instrument made of leather], offering blessings(Varada muththirai in tamil), a mala made of beads. His colour is crystal colour. On His hip side one can see sada shivam, west side Eesun,(shiva), north ern side Brahma and southern side Tirumal eastern side again Shiva . This state in which all the five moorthis are there we call it as Kanmasa thakkiyam(one which will destroy all our karmas). He is an embodiment of all good virtues. He is always calm and He is the cause for all. This Moorthi has five faces called Eesanam, thathpurudam, vaamam, Akoramand Sathyojatham. For the sake of sage Kousika essences of Vedas(called aagamam in tamil)namely Kaamigam, yogasam, Chinthiyam, Kaaranam, Asitham appeared from his Sathyojatham face.

For the sake of Kausika sage HE offered from his vama deva face five aagamams(essence of Vedas) called Deeptham, Sukshumam, Sakachchiram, Anjuman, Subprabetham. Forth sake Bharthwaja Sage he offered from his Akora face five aagamas called Visayam, Neechsuvasam, Swaymbhuvam, AAkneyam, Veeram. For the sake Gauthama sage he offered from his Thathpuruda face he coofered five aagamams called Rowravam, Makudam, Vimalam, Chndragnam, Mukavishbam. Finally for the sake of Sage Agasthya he offered from his EEsana face the eight aagamams called Putothgeetham, Ilalitham, Chiththam, santhanam, Sarvoktham, Patameswaram, Kiranam, Vathulam . To worship Him we should go to Chidambaram. In this temple’s circling path(called Prakaaram in tamil) there are five Peedams(rostrum or dais in English). Here Sada Shivam is offering HIS blessings. By doing abhishegam By the water of Siva gangai theerthm(Siva ganga Pond) and doing Bilva archana we get the benefit of having worshipped all the five moorthis. Further on Mondays cooked rice made of Pepper and cumin(seeragam in tamil) we are assured of no further birth. By doing abishegam to the Lord Shiva with pure plain water we wll get all good things in life.

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