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November 02,2010
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He resides at Mount Kailas. He has twenty five heads and fifty hands. Hence we call him Maha Sada Shiva Moorthi. In the same Mount Kailas there are twenty five Moorthi surrounding him. Further there are Ruthras, Siddhas  and sages surrounding him. All of them are worshipping Sada Shiva Moorthi. Puranas inform us that He is residing at Mount Kailas, He is bestowing his blessings to all living beings. Hence he can be called Anugraha moorthi. Further we can not figure out that he is of such and such shape and form. Further Puranas say that  He has a body which is a conglomeration of all shapes and forms.To worship him we should go to a place called Kanchipuram. We can not see him even in any temple there. We can see him as a sculpture made of lime and mortar in the temple tower of Suragareswarar. Further we can worship him in the towers of many temples.

 It is believed that if we worship him we are assured of a quick Shiva Darshan. Those suffering from severe fever if  they do abhishegam with sugarcane juice(Karumbu chaaru in tamil) the severity of the fever will come down and normal health is ressured.

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