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November 10,2010
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A thousand pillar mandapam which is decorated with sparkling  and sparkling Navarathnas(nine gems) is situated at Mount Kailas. In that mandapam at its center place Lord Shiva who is Jothi swaroopan {in the form of light) is sitting surrounded by Tri moorthis , deva ganas (minions of celestials), and al those who live in the celestial world. They asked boons and he is also continuously granting boons prayed for. Time passed. All of them returned back to their abodes.

Afer some time Uma Devi was present there(came there)bowed at the feet of Lord Shiva and requested Him to teach, explain the truths of Siva agamam. She requested to teach her in such a way so that she can understand all them. Immediately Lord Shiva explained to her in detail all the truths Siva agamam and answered all her doubts and queries on that. HE explained the five types of attachment, affection and bond. The benefits one will get if they remove them from their minds were also explained. While explaining all of them HE was sitting in suhasanam(a type of yogic posture). Since He explained Siva agamam by sitting in a Sugasana posture we call him SUGASANA MOORTHI. On HIS hands there are deer and axe(Mazhu in tamil). His consort is not there with HIM.

To worship such a sugasana moorthi we should visit a place called Seerkazhi. The lord who is residing in this temple is called Brahma pureeswarar. HE is also called by the names Sattai Nathar and Thoni pureeswarar. The consort’s name is Periya Nayaki. By worshipping whole heartedly and also with a melting heart al ill effects connected with Guru Plannet will come to an end. Further He will bless us that  our administrative skills in conducting our profession improves to a very great extent. By doing archana with Bilva leaves and offering sugar candy (Kalkandu in tamil)on Mondays administration will flourish. Here for the Lord Shiva abishegam is done by jack fruit(Palaa Pazham in tamil). It is believed by doing this abishegam yoga skills and yoga power(siddhi in tamil) will improve further.  

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