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November 10,2010
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0nce upon time Lord Brahma created by the power of his Tapas(Penance) four sons for the job of creation. But they went to the place where Tapas is done without caring to take up the job of creation. Then Brahma went to see Maha Vishnu. HE told his worries to Maha Vishnu. Vishnu replied that only Lord Shiva can offer a solution for this and hence Both Brahma and Vishnu along with the four sons ob Brahma  went to see Lord Shiva at Mount Kailas. Lord Shiva looked at all the four sons through his third eye because which all of them were burnt to ashes. At that time Lord Shiva  being alone looked at his shoulder. His Sakthi(power) took the form of Uma Devi and came out of it. Immediately HE made Uma Devi to sit on HIS left side. There after HE  brought those who were burnt to ashes back to life. Then all of them worshipped both Lord Shiva and Uma Devi. Both of them became happy because of this and sanctioned all the boons they requested for. The whole world became prosperous. All those who saw Lord Shiva who creates, protects and ,removes their sufferings and make them live saw  with Uma Devi sitting on HIS left side became happy. So among the names of Lord Shiva this name UMESA MOORTHI also joined or included. In general it can be said that  the form in which Lord Shiva sitting along with Uma Devi became Umesa moorthi. To worship such a famous Umesa Moorthi we should go to the place called TIRUVIDAI MARUTHUR near Kumbakonam.   By doing abishegam with the water of Cauveri river to this moorthi, HE will bless us for a happy family life.  By doing archana with Red Lotus flowers and offering Ghee rice on Monday or Wednes day one can live a life without any financial debts. By doing abhishegam with water to Lord Shiva here one will be blessed with inner purity i.e., purity of mind.

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