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November 10,2010
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The tortures inflicted by Soorapadman wnt beyond limits  and reached zero tolerance point. Unable to bear the tortures all the celestials went appealesto Lord Shiva. They appealed to him that only by HIS (Lord Shiva0 son’s valour his life should come o an end. Lord Shiva took pity on them and from HIS third eye he brought out six sparks of fire . They spread all over the world. Parvathi Devi unable to bear the intense heat those fire sparks emitted, walked towards her Harem and the anklets she was wearing on her legs were dashing one against the other while she was walking. Because of this the celestials were worried and felt unhappy. When aske for HIS son He is giving these fire sparks, they felt. HE called Agni Devan (fire God) and Vayu Devan (God of air), gave those eire sparks and advise them to leave it at Gangai. But Gangai put them in Saravana poigai.

The child which was born with six faces and twelve arms  was brought up by Karthigai pengal. The Nava rathnas (nine gems) that came out of the anklet of Parvathi Devi became nine warriors. In the mean time both Lord Shiva and Parvathi went on their divine vehicle OX to see their son. The celestials followed them. When Parvathi lifted in her hands all the six children there they became one child. That single child had six faces and twelve hands. The child was called Arumugan and Skandan since it had six faces. Then the three i.e., Lord Shiva, Parvathi Devi and Arumugam the child went to Silver Mountain. There Skandan was sitting in between Shiva and Parvathi. We call that form as SOMA SKANDA MOORTHI. To worship Soma skanda moorthi we should go over to Tiruvarur. We should perform abishegam with the water secreted near the thousand pillar mandapam. By doing this abishegam we will body strength, intelligence. Our intelligence will increase to such an extent that we will be able to give advice to our father.  Further we should perform archana with Bilva leaves and offer curd rice as neivethyam on Thursdays we will get the post of Guru soon. The efficiency of writers will improve. Hence Soma Skanda Moorthi is to be worshipped by all writers as He is writer’s God.

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