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November 10,2010
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Dakshan was the son of Brahma. All the twenty seven stars are his daughters being to born to him. He got all of them married Moon. After some time eor quite some time Moon was very fond with all his wives. As days passed on His love were towards his two wives among the twenty seven namely Karthigai and Rohini. Due to this partiality shown by Moon all his other wives went and complained to their father Dakshan. He invited his son-in-law Moon and advised him not to show partiality among his wives and show his love to all of them equally and sent him back. After some time it was observed that there was no improvement in Moon’s activities. So again all his wives except Karthigai and Rogini went to their father Dakshan and appealed to him . Unable to bear the agony of his daughters Dakshan cursed him that Moon’s phase will get reduced day by day and finally he will die.

Due to the intense  and severity of the curse of his father-in-law Moon’s phase was getting reduced day after day and finally there was only one phase left. At this stage Moon met Brahma under the advice of Indran and narrated his difficulties. But Brahma told Moon that there is an understanding between he aand his son Dakshan that neither will interfere in the matters among themselves or between them. So he advised Moon to approach Lord Shiva who alone can solve this problem. As per the advise of Brahma, Moon surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva took the remaining one phase of Moon on his(Siva’s) head and said there will be no wear and tear  for this one phase of his(Moon’s). He further said . yet as per the curse of Dakshan every day one phase of Moon will get reduced but sine Moon is on the head of Lord Shiva again every day the reduced phase will grow once again. Since Lord Shiva kept the Moon on his head he is called CHANDRA SEKARA MOORTHI. He can be worshipped near Pugalur on the Tiruvarur-Nagapattinam route. The lord’s name is Konapiran/Agnipureeswarar. His consort’s name is Kaunthazh kuzhali. The Chandra sekar here is capable of giving only the best. By worshipping even the brass turn into Diamond. By performing archanas with white lotus flowers and offering Ghee Rice as neivethyam on Mondays and Full moon days(Pournami in tamil) there will be an increase in intelligence and memory power. By performing abishegam to Lord Shiva with sandal paste one will get fame and name.

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