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Travel Information For Sabarimala
November 22,2011
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                         Fifty years back ayyappa bhakthas undertook a hazardous travel through dense and deep forest to reach sabarimala and worship ayyappa. Hence during mandala pooja and makara vilakku festivel times through Mannarkulanji—salakkayam toutr around 5000 bhakthas only visited sabarimala. But now to reach sabarimala erumeli,vandiperiyar and salakkayam routes have been repaired and path is laid out. So approximately four crore Bhathas now travel along these three routes to worship ayyappa.

1.    Those who go via erumeli peryia pathai(long route,big route) should cover a distance of 61 km.
2.             2. The route from kumili to kottayam  reaches a place called vandiperiyar covering distance of 94 km. From vandiperiyar sabarimalai is situated at a distance of 12.8 km.
3.    The easiest route is from salakkayam.  Pamba river is situated at a distance of 8 km from salakkayam.  From pampa river one can reach sabarimalai covering a distance of 7 km.
1.    Sencottah—punalur—patthanamthitta route 170 km.
2.    Kumili—vandiperiyar—erumeli—pilapalli route 180 km
To reach sabarimalai one can travel by train from kottayam and chengannur upto punalur and punalur by bus to pampa.
To reach sabarimala one can travel by air upto Trivandrum or cochin, Nedumbacheri and from there to pampa by bus/car.
Kerala buses coming from Coimbatore,Palani,tenkasi will go upto pampa.
Buses from Tamilnadu and other states will permitted upto nilakkal. From there one can reach Pampa through kerala buses only.

Erumeli---Pampa 56 km
Kottayam—Erumeli 72 km.
Kottayam—Pamba 128 km.
Chenganur—Pamba 93 km.
Tiruvalla—Pampa 99 km.
Ernakulam via kottayam.
Alappuzha—Pampa—137 km
Punalur—Pampa—105 km.
Pathanamthitta—Pampa 69 km
Pandalam—Pampa 84 km
Trivandrum—Pampa 175 km
Ernakulam(via palai,ponkunnam)—erumeli 175 km

1.    Chennai—sabarimalai 780 km.
2.    T.N. govt special buses are being run from Chennai to pampa from 2pm onwards upto 8 pm.every one hour. Via Theni, Cumbum.
3.    Chennai to Trivandrum express train at 3.25 pm,Chennai to Trivandrum mailAt 7.45 pm. One should get down at Kottayam

From Pondicherry: From Pondicherry there are three routes to pampa

1.    Pondi—viluppuram—Trichy—Madurai—Kutralam-Punalur-Pampa 650 km
2.    Pondy-viluppuram-Trichy-Dindigul-Kumili-Erumeli-Pampa 625 km
3.    Pondy-viluppuram—Salem—Coimbatore—Guruvayur-Kottayam--                    erumeli-Pampa 750 km
4.    By Train: There is no special train is run from cuddalore.Start from Chennai in the Pothigai express train which goes to Shencottah via villupuram  and go to Pampa from Shencottah.
From Vellore:__   
1.      Vellore-ambur-vaniyambadi-tirupathur-Dharmapuri-Bhavani-Mettur-Perundurai-coimbatore-Palghat-Guruvayur-Chottanikara-Vaikom-Kottayam-erumeli-Pampa-sabarimalai 830 km.
2.    Vellore-Tiruvannamalai-Trichy-Madurai-Kutralam-Shencottah-Kottayam-vadaserikara-Pampa-sabarimalai 760 km
Vellore-Tiruvannamalai-Tirukoilur-Madapattu_ulundurpet-Trichy-Dindigul-Theni-Cumbum-Erumeli-Pampa- Sabarimalai 689 km

Those who travel by train  go via Erode in all trains going to Trivandrum and get down at Chenganur and then proceed to sabarimalai.
There is no direct bus service from Erode. Salem—Guruvayur Salem—Ernakulam govt buses go via salem. In those buses reach Guruvayur or Ernakulam and from there go to sabarimalai.
Salem—Guruvayur route: Erode-Coimbatore-Palghat=Trichur. Erode to Ernakulam distance approximately 310 km

Through All trains going to Trivandrum get down at Chenganur and proceed to sabarimala by bus/car.
Three routes are there :
Coimbatore-Trichur=Perumbavur-Thodupuzhza-Kanchirapali-Erumeli-Chalakkayam-sabarimala 330 km
Coimbatore-Trichur-Ernakulam-Arur-Chertala-Alapuzhz-Patnthanamthitta-Pamba-Sabarimalai 380 km
Coimbatore-Palghat-Ernakulam-Kottayam-Tiruvalla-Panthanamthitta-Pampa-Sabarimalai 360 km

From Trichy:
From Trichy buses are run via Manapparai dindigal,Batlagundu,Periyakulam,Theni, Usilampatti,Cumbum, upto kumili.
4.    Trichy-Kumuili 241 km
5.    From kumuli Vandiperiyar,Pambanaru,Mundakkayam,kanchirampalli,Erumeli upto Pampa  115 km.


Those who go by train from Chennai  take Guruvayur express and get down at chenganur and from there by bus/car to Pampa.
Fro Tirunelveli there are two bus routes.
1.Tirunelveli-Shencottah-Achankoil-aryankavu-Punalur Panthanamthitta-Pampa- sabarimalai  228 km
2.Tirunelveli-Nagercoil-Trivandrum-Kottarakara-chalakkayam-Pampa-sabarimalai 228 km


Madurai-Nagercoil-Trivandrum=Kottarakara-Pandalam-Erumeli 474 km
Erumeli to Pampa via Ranni 80 km
Erumeli via forest route kalakatti-azhutha-karimalai-pampa-sabarimalai 56 km
Pampa-sabarimala 5 km
Govt express buses are run during season through out the day from Madurai to Pampa.

There is no direct train service from Madurai to sabarimalai. Take Pothigai express that arrives at 5am at Madurai ( this train leaves Chennai at 8pm). Get down at Shencottah and from there to sabarimalai by bus/car.
There are passenger trains leaving Madurai at 6.30am,11 am,5pm to Shencttah Take those trains to Shencottah and from there to Pampa by Bus/car.

As soon as sabarimalai season commences, Special buses are run from Trivandrum,Kottayam,Panthanamthitta,Pandalam,Kottarakara,Ernakulam, Erumeli.
The ticket fare will be 30% more from the normal bus charges.


Via Kottayam
1.Kottayam-kozhancheri-Rani-Pampa 119 km
2.Kottayam-Kodungur-Manimala-Pampa 105 km
3.Kottayam-Manimala-Athikayam-Pampa 103 km
4. Kottayam- Pongunnam-Erumeli-Pilapalli-Pampa 90 km
Via Erumeli
6.    Ermeli-Ranni-Vadserkara-Pampa 76 km
7.    Erumeli-kannamalai-Pampa 56 km
8.    Ermeli-Atthikayam-Preunadu-Pamba 64 km
9.    Erumeli-Chetthongarai-Atthikayam-Pampa 69 km
Via Pandalam
10.    Pandalam-Panthanamthitta-vadseikara-Pampa 84 km
Via Shencotah
11.Shencottah-punalur-Panthanthitta-Pampa 170 km
12.Kumuli-Vandiperiyar-Erumeli-Pampa 180 km
13. Nagercoil-Trivandrum-Panthanamthitta-Vadaserikara-Pampa 225 km

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