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November 18,2010
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In Tamil YUGAM means a certain period of or certain number of years. There are four such yugas . They are  1) Krutha yuga comprising 17,28,000 years 2)Thretha yugam 12,96,000 years 3)Dwabara yugam 8,64,000 years and Kali yugam 4,32,000 years. The sum total of all these four yugas is 43,20,000 years. Two thousand such 43,20,000 I.e., two thousand multiplied by 43,20,000 constitute one day for Brahma. One hundred such days (that is 20,000 multiplied by 43,20,000 which is again multiplied by one hundred) constitute one year for Brahma which is his life span. Brahma’s one hundred days calculated as above is just one day for Maha Vishnu. After one hundred years  of Vishnu (that is 36500 days of Maha Vishnu the world will come to an end. And all the living beings will be destroyed. On that Day Lord Shiva along with his consort Uma Devi  will dance endlessly and ferociously. The angel for righteousness called Dhama Devathai felt sad . She felt that she may also have to die as per this calculation (of years) and surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. She assumed the figure of a Bull and stood before HIM. She prayed to him that she should never die at any time even at the end of the life span of Brahma and should be his divine vehicle at all times. Lord Shiva who is magnanimous in granting boons, put HIS hand on the head of the bull and said that her wish will be fulfilled.

So to point out the righteousness to the world Lord Shiva blessed her saying that   She  will have four legs in Krutha yugam,will have two legs in Thretha yugam and in Kali yugam will have one yugam and will appear accordingly in each yugam and she will always be with HIM and will also be HIS divine vehicle.  The reason for HIS appearing sitting on His vehicle of Bull is this only. This is the secret of the form of Lord Shiva appearing in the form IDA PANTHIGA MOORTHI. To worship Lord Shiva in such a form we should go to the place called called Thiruvavadu thurai near Mayiladu Thurai.  If we worship Ida Panthiga Moorthi in the Masilamaneeswarar temple here,  at the end of this world,  (called OOZHI KALAM in tamil) our souls will surrender  at the feet of Lord Shiva. Perform archana with white lotus flowers and offer neivethyam of cow’s milk on Mondays and Thurs days to HIM the evil effects caused by Guru planet will get nullified. And again by doing abhishegam to HIM with Bilva leaves water we will have the blessings of Lord Shiva in the next birth also.

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