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November 18,2010
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A dispute arose between the two wives of Sage Kashyaba namely Karthru and Vinanthai as to who is more beautiful amon them. They approached the Sage Kashyaba with a condition the most beautiful amonf the two should imprison the one who is less beautiful. Their husband the sage Kashyaba told them that Karthri is more beautiful than vinanthai. Because of this Vinanthai was put in the prison. She requested Karthru to release her from the prison. But Karthru told her that only if she is given  nectar(Amirtham in tamil) she will release Vinanthai. Immediately Vinanthai brought it to the notice of Garudan(the divine eagle) who was in the forest. Garudan went to the Deva lokam(world of celestials) fought with them, got the nectar. While he on his way carrying the nectar Tirumal fought with Garudan but could not win over him in the battle. Tirumal said that he appreciated him for all his glory and asked the boon that he wished. But Garudan in turn told Tirumal that he too appreciated the strength and power of Tirumal and asked Tirumal what two boons Tirumal wished to have from him.  Utilizing this opportunity Tirumal told Garudan that He should be his divine vehicle and that he should not give the nectar to the snakes.

Garudan agreed for that and came to the prison with the nectar and gave it to his mother Vananthai. There after he did Shiva pooja and after obtaining several boons from  Shiva he became the divine vehicle for Tirumal.  Further Garudan with the boons that he got from Perumal tortured Karthru. The snakes angry because of this torture of Garuda, did Shiva Pooja and requested Lord Shiva protection for them the tortures of Garuda and glory for ever. Lord Shiva granted these boons requested by the snakes and woret hem as jewels on his body. This what what we say that Snakes asking Garuda ‘Are you safe?’The meaning of this is it is better to be associated with big people than small people. Since Lord Shiva gave protection to snakes HE is called BHUJANGA LALITHA MOORTHI(Bhujangam=snake Lalitham=beauty , jewel).  To worship Bhujanga lalitha moorthi we should go to Tiruperum puliyur near Kallanai. The temple  has got another fame and that is Lord Shiva danced on the snakes here. Sine Rahu’s athidevathai(each planet is associated with a deity and assistant deity called upa devathai)  is snake,this place being the place of snake, by worshipping the lord here the ill effects and troubles caused by the planet Rahu will be removed or nullified. His sight falling on us will  bring good results for us. We should worship him with blue  blue coloured flowers and offer neivethyam of Milk, fruits and honey on Mondays  because of  which sarppa kala dosham will be removed. The Lord’d name here is Vyagra bureeswarar and the consort’s name is Soundara Nayaki. It is an obvious fact that by performing Turmeric water (Manjal Neer In Tamil) abhishegam the ill effects of Sarppa kala Rahu wil disappear.     

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