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November 18,2010
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The celestials (Devas in tamil) without the assistance of Lord Shiva churned the ocean of Milk. They kept the Manthaara Mountain as  the churning stick(Maththu in tamil) and the snake Vasuki as rope and churned the ocean of Milk. In this the Devas were sitting on the side of the tail of the snake vasuki and asuras(demons) on the side of the mouth of the snake Vasuki. Vasuki the snake spitted poison called aalakala visham.  The poison started spreading and even Tirumal’s body became black. On seeing the effect and power of the poison the Devas went to Mount Kailas and appraised the situation to Lord Shiva.

To ward of the sufferings of Devas lord Shiva drank that poison.  But nothing happened to HIM. Yet he wanted to play a game on it.  So he pretended as if he has become unconscious due to the effect of that poison. He was pretending as if he is sleeping before Uma Devi. On seeing this, all the Devas did Archanas to him and were kept awakening through out that day and night.Let call that day as ekadasi(eleventh day from new moon day or full moon day)day. Next day i.e., tweifth day  called Dwadasi day was spent by Devas by doing Parayanam(reciting of holy hymns and scriptures). On the thirteenth day called Thrayodasi day  Lord Shiva danced for a certain period with trisul(trident) and Udukkai(an instrument made of leather called drum). That period of time is called Pradosham.  So thrayodasi day coming once in every fifteen days  is called Monthly pradosham day. The Maha Sivarathri day coming once in a year is called Yearly Pradosham, the period when evening ends and night begins daily is called Pradosha time .

On seeing the dance of Lord Shiva all the Devas became happy. By keeping there both hands above their heads they said ‘Shiva, Shiva’. They danced and also sang songs. They played musical instruments in tune with his dance movements and Lord Vihnu played on Miruthangam (a percussion instrument). Since Lord Shiva danced at he Sandhya time (ending of evening and beginning of night) HE is called SANDHYA NRUTHTHA MOORTHI.We should go to Madurai to worship him. If we worship this form of Nataraja moorthi at Madurai Velliyambalam HE will protect our professions  and will help us attain proficiency in various arts. By doing archana with Red Lotus flowers and offer cooked rice as neivethyam on Mondays and wednes days any obstacles that we face in the evening will be removed. Enemies will be destroyed. By performing abhishegam with scented water (panneer in Tamil)to Madurai Natarajar one’s intelligence will improve in leaps and bounds and will become a reputed scholar.

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