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November 18,2010
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Lord Shiva is an embodiment of Creation, Protection,Destruction, concealing , and blessing His three hands and two feet do the jobs of creation, protection,Destruction, concealing and blessing. How they are done? By the hand which carries Damarugam  HE does Creation and by the empty hand peotection, by the hand having axe (Mazhu in tamil)destruction, By keeping his legs on the back of Muyalagan’s back concealment and by his ever dancing feet blessing.

Again  it shows the merging of all living beings with all pervasive God. Uma devi is standing on the left side and witnessing and watching his dance. The foot of the dancing Siva represents the tamil letter NA , stomach MA, shoulders Si, face represents the tamil letter VA, Head represents YA. Lord Sihiva danced several times for different times. Since Lord Shiva is dancing at all times with the body made of panchakchara letters {i.e., namasivaya), a;ong with musical instruments, along with Nandi Deva, Siva ganas(assistants of Shiva) which is being worshipped by Uma Devi  HIS name is SADHA NRUTHTHA MOORTHI.

Lord Shiva is dancing in ecstasy for ever at all times at the Ponnambalam at Chidambaram . It is believed that Natarajas in which ever place they may be come to this place every night. So one can do all remedies(parikarams in tamil)  one has to do for this Nataraja of this place. The lord here is called by the name Kooththapiran and his consort is Sivakama sundari. To attain proficiency in writing poetry, to participate in  competitive discussions, to revive the car(Ther or Ratham in tamil)festivel one should worship him here. By worshipping him here all obstacles found in the way of conducing car festivel will be removed.  Archana with Mullai flower ( a type of jasmine flower) and Neivethyam of Ven Pongal  (a kind of food made of rice and greengram) on Mondays and Thurs days even enemies will become friends. By doing abhishegam to Kooththapiran here with cooked rice one will get back the lost opportunity of ruling a government.      

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