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November 18,2010
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Having understood the importance of Tiruvalangadu, the sage Sunanda did penance to see the dance of Lord Shiva. At that time a snake in the hand of Lord Shiva bit the finger of Sunanda sage and so the poison was injected from the mouth of the snake into his finger. On seeing this the OX the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva asked the Snake named Kaarkodagan to leave Mount Kailas . Kaarkodagan got afraid on hearing the instruction of the OX, went and appealed to Lord Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva informed the snake Kaarkodagan  to go to Tiruvalagadu and witness his dance along with sage Sunanda who is undertaking a tapas(penance) and there after return back to Mount Kailas.  The snake went to Tiruvalangadu and started doing penance along with the sage Sunanda who is already doing penance(tapas). At that time two asuras(demons) by name Sumban and Nisumban were giving enormous tortures to aii. The celestials(devas) went and appealed to Parvathi Devi. Parvathi took the form called Chamundi and along with Saptha Mathas and Siva ganas(assistants of Shiva) and killed both of them. Raktha Beejan is the son of the sisters of slained asuras Sumban and Nisumban.

Every drop of blood from his body if falls on the earth it will also become another Raktha Beejan. To kill him who has obtained this boon from Parvathi Devi, she produced Kali Devi. Kali Devi drank each drop of his blood even before they fall on the earth and thus prevented his blood from being fallen in the ground. The battle came to an end. Parvathi who was Chandi devi as well as Kali Devi then danced before Lord Shiva and got a boon from him that she will be with him. Because Kali Devi ate the meat and the blood of asuras, lived in the forests without anybody having any control over her. She came to Tiruvalangadu, There she started her atrocities. This news was conveyed to sage Narada through the sage. Narada in turn informed the same to Lord Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva assumed the form Bhairavar and battled with Kali and Kali devi was defeated in the battle. Defeated Kali catlled Bhairavar for a dance competition with her. Bhairavar agreed for that and danced according to the rhytham of the instrumental music played Devas(celestials). Both of them danced endleesly without a break. While the dance was going on  apendant from the ear lobe of Lord Shiva fell on the ground. He took it from the ground by his dancing leg itself (without stopping his dancing)and put it back in his ear lobe. Kali Devi accepted her defeat and became shy.

The ego of Kali thus was destroyed. Lord Shiva kept his dancing pose for ever so that sage Sunanda, the snake Karkodagan and all devas and rishis at all times can see them continuously. Because of this reason we call him by the name CHANDA THANDAVA MOORTHI. Keezhkottam is a place situated near Kumbakonam bus stand. The lord here is called by the name Naga nathar. His consort’s name is Periya nayaki.  The Nataraja mandapam here is called Perambalam. By worshipping him and by doing Siva Dhyanam(meditation) one can hear the dancing sound. By doing archana with Mullai flower (a kind of jasmine flower)and offering neivethyam of white rice on Mondays we will attain proficiency in Music, Dance and choreography. By performing     abhishegam by the water in a pot(for which Rudra jepam has been done) one is assured of all benefits for having born in this world and in this birth.

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