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November 18,2010
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A king by the name Sakaran was ruling Ayodhya city. To perform an asvaemetha yaagam he brought a horse. Indra felt that the yaagam will be held only if the horse is there and so to prevent the yaaga from being performed he hid at the ashramam of the sage Kabila. The king of ayodhya ordered his sixty thousand sons to go and find out the whereabouts of the horse. They found out the horse in the Kabila sage’s ashramam in the nether world(paathaala lokam in Tamil). They came to the conclusion that the Sage Kabila is the culprit and thief. When the sage opened his eyes they were burnt to ashes. On hearing the news the king sent his son Anjuman.  Anjuman went and met Kabila sage and told all the truth to him. He took back the horse and the helped his father to complete his aswametha yagam. Bhagirathan is a descendent of the family of Sakara kingdom. On seeing the state of affairsof his fore fathers  he did a penance towards Lord Brahma. Brahma appeared before him and assured him that his fore fathers will get salvation definitely and so asked him to do penance against Lord Shiva. Now Bhagirathan started doing penance against Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva sanctioned the boons asked by Bhagirathan. Then he did penance against Ganga.  She told him that she can be controlled by Lord Shiva and so do penance again against Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva sanctioned again the boons asked by him. Immediately Ganga arrived. To keep her under control Lord Shiva kept her on his hair(matted hair) Bhagirathan got upset. Then Lord Shiva from his matted hair allowed few drops of Ganga to fall on the hands of Bhagirathan. That few drops came with such a force that it destroyed the yagna conducted by five sages(Rishis). They took the water in their palms and drank it. Bhagirathan  was perplexed in not able to see the Ganga. He prayed to those sages  ,told them all that what has happened sofar and requested them to give back to him the Ganga. The sages agreed to his request and let the ganga to flow out of their ears. Because of this incident Ganga got the name Jagnavi. Bhagirathan then sprinkled the ganga on the ashes of his deceased fore fathers they go went to heaven.

Because Bhagirathan brought Ganga she is called by the name Bhaagirathi. Lord Shiva also got the name Visarjana moorthi as he allowed  and  gave few quantity of water from his matted hair.He is called by the name GANGA VISRJANA MOORTHI. To worship we should go to the place Ketharnath. Temple festivities will take place for six months only. Due to snowfall temple will be closed for  the remaining six months. Uma occupied the lft side of the body Lord Shiva only here at Ketharnath. By worshipping the Kethareeswarar in this temple and utilize the holy water from this place in our house for auspicious activities all  the goings  will be good in our house..  Do archana with white lotus flowers and seasame food (Yell in Tamil) neivethyam on amavasya day(new monday) falling  on Monday the Pithru dosham (curse by our deceased fore fathers)will vanish. They will also reach Heaven (sorgam in tamil). By worshipping the water brought from here in silver vessel in our house Lord Kubera (god for wealth) will bestow his blessings.

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