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November 18,2010
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LORD Shiva was sitting at Mount Kailas surrounded by the group of celestials(Devas in tamil). Parvathi Devi got up and went before HIM and said that because she is the daughter of Daksha she got the name Daakshayini and that HE  should change  that ugly and name.  Immediately Lord Shiva that Parvatha King is doing a penance for quite some time now to get you as his daughter. So you will be born as his child. Thereafter I will marry you. Acccordingly she came to Parvatha King as a three year old child. They brought up that child very well. Since Parvathi devi was not near him Lord Shiva was in deep meditation(yoga). Due to that the entire world came to a stand still. Immediately as advised by celestials Manmathan throw an arrow on Lord Shiva to disturb his yoga. Lord Shiva who got angry because of this action Manmathan burnt him by looking at him with his third eye. Rathi devi wife of Manmathan became sad and surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. He advised her to wait patiently. Mean while Parvathi devi who was growing under Parvatha Rajan started doing penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Lord Shiva appeared before Parvathi in disguise as a Brahmin and asked to marry him. But Parvathi devi refused and said that she is doing penance only to marry Lord Shiva. Immediately the Brahmin showed his original form  by removing his make up as a Brahmin and appeared before her sitting on his divine vehicle OX.(Rishabam in tamil). He disappeared after informing that he will marry her soon. Parvathi devi tolher to her father all that what had happened. Lord Shiva asked Saptha Rishis(seven sages) to and talk to the king of mountains on the proposal of HIS marrying his daughter. Both sides of the family talked about the formalities. Marriage day was also fixed.  The Uththram star day in the tamil month Panguni(mar/apr) was fixe d as the marriage day. Lord Shiva along with the entire celestial group arrived at the Mountain. Since all of them gathered on one side the North side tilted . So Lord Shiva requested  Sage Agasthiyar to proceed on the southern side to balance the tilting on northern side. Sice he hesitated Lord Shiva assured that HE will show His marriage scene later to him. Agasthiyar obeyed and went to the southern side. Immediately the marriage was held. At that time Rathi requested Lord Shiva to bring back to life her dead husband.

Accordingly Lord Shiva brought Manmathan back to life. Then Rathi requested Lord Shiva to give her a boon by which only she can see her husband but will not be seen to the eyes of others. Then every went back to their respective abodes. The form Lord Siva assumed or took to marry Parvathi is called  KALYANA SUNDARA MOORTHI. We can worship HIM at TIRUVEEZHIMLAI near Tiruvarur. The lord’s name here is Veezhi nathar. His consort is Sundara Kujambigai. Here Kalyana sundarar appears as Uthsava moorthi(idol taken during processions). If you donate the Mangalyam(sacred thread worn around the neck during marriage by women) to which archana is performed before Kalyana sundarar one’s marriage will take place smoothly without any obstacle. To worship the lord during pradosham days(thirteenth day from either full moon or new moon) is good. Archana by Malligai flower(jasmine in English) and sarkkarai pongal neivethyam on Mondays and Thursdays all hindrances for marriage will go away. There will be unity between couples. If we offer Rose flower garland to Kalyana sundaranar along with bouquet young girls of the marriageable age will get married  without any obstacle. At the back side of the main deity one can see the marriage scene of Lord Shiva.

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