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November 20,2010
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Tirumal put Tharugavana sages to test by assuming the form Mohini. Lord Shiva put the wives of the Tarugavana(thruga forests) sages into test by assuming the form of Bikshadana moorthi. On seeing all these through their extra sensory power the sages decided to kill Lord Shiva by yagnas. So they performed an aabisara homam(evil producing yagna). From out of the yagna fire came  a tiger with a big bang sound , with sharp teeth, broad mouth, eyes emitting fire. ,They directed tiger on Lord Shiva. HE took control of the tiger, removed its skin and wore it as HIS dress. Agai n they directed a axe which has no parallel for it and which will oppose anybody. Lord Shiva captured and kept it in his hand. Then a deer came from the sky route threatening the world itself. He kept in his left hand. Then a snake came  and He wore it as a jewel. Then they directed Bootha ganas(demons in group). They in turn became one among his army. Then a white skull threatening the world and he wore it on his head.

Then a Thudi( a form of musical instrument i.e drum) with an alarming sound  and he kept it with him. Then they sent Muyalagan(another demon). He pushed him down in the floor and stood on its back by carrying fire in his hand. The sages got astonished and felt that they can not do any thing further. Since Muyalagan who was under the feet of Lord Shiva started moving Lord Shiva started dancing. On seeing this all the sages surrendered at his feet. Lord Shiva pardoned them and sent them back by blessing all of them. Then all of them left to their abodes. The form in which Lord Shiva has worn Tiger’s skin as his dress is called SAARTHOOLA HARA MOOOTHI(Saarthoolam means tiger and hara means kill). Lord Shiva appeared at Vazhuvoor near Mayiladu thurai to kill the tiger directed against him. There is an aabichara yanthram(one which can produce ill effects) is there at the backside of the main deity. By applying sandal paste to this yanthram all illeffects directed against us by our enemies can be removed and wholly destroyed. By performing abishegam to this lord for seven pradosham days(thirteenth day from full moon or new moon day) one can retrieve lost properties.  Here archana should be done with bilva leaves and Thumbai flower(white dead nettle flower as is known in English)and neivethyam of curd rice should be offered on mon days and Thurs days. By performing Rudra abishegam (by chanting rudra manthra to propitiate Lord Shiva) all ill effects  caused by our enemies will be completely removed and cured.

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