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Sri Chinnamariamman temple
Moolavar: Chinnamariamman
  Urchavar: -
  Amman / Thayar: -
  Thala Virutcham: Neem tree and Bodhi tree (Arasamaram)
  Theertham: -
  Agamam / Pooja : -
  Old year: 500 years old
  Historical Name: -
  City: Karungalpalayam
  District: Erode
  State: Tamil Nadu
  Navarathri festival is grandly celebrated in the temple in the month of Purattasi (September-October) with special dressings (Alankaram) to the Mother each day. The Chithiraikani festival (April-May) is very grand. Lamp Puja (Tiruvilakku Puja) is performed on each Poornima (full moon day). On Fridays, Mother Chinnamariamman is dressed with turmeric and sandal paste. Car festival is celebrated in the month of Karthikai-November-December.  
 Temple's Speciality:
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.  
  Sri Chinnamariamman Temple, Karungalpalayam, Erode district.  
  +91-424 - 2430114 
 General Information:

The idol was designed and sculpted in Tirumuruganpoondi and brought to this temple. Tower was built in the year 1989 and the temple was renovated and the consecration also was celebrated.


A majority of devotees pray to Mother Chinnamariamman seeking child boon and evidently enjoy the response. Even those without a child for 5-10 years had surrendered to the Mother seeking child boon are granted the boon. Devotees tie cradles in the neem and bodhi tree (arasamaram) to get child. The sacred ash (Vibhuti) offered in the temple is believed to have miraculous medicinal effect which people apply on the body and also consume a small quantity. Devotees say that even serious illness is cured by this sacred ash.

Thanks giving:
  Devotees offer abhishek and offer Vastras-clothing to Mother Chinnamariamman. 
 Greatness Of Temple:
  Years ago, children installed a small stone and were worshipping. In course of time crowds grew large. A small temple was built then installing the deity.
The reputation of the temple lies in the two trees, neem and bodhi at the entrance. The famous Amman related festival – Poochattu – walking on a fire pit, is celebrated each year. Devotees throng the temple from nearby places as Pallipalayam, Sankagiri, Komarapalayam, Tiruchengodu and surrounding places. This is part of the car festival celebrated in the month of Karthikai – November-December.
  Temple History:

As children use to play-worship with God dolls in the houses, what the children did on the banks of Cauvery with small stone worshipping as Ambal or Goddess, is now a temple. Child Bhakti play had resulted in the emergence of this temple. As it was originally worshipped by children, the Goddess is known as Chinna Mariamman. (Chinna-small). The temple stands majestically for the past 150 years.

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