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For the kind attention of women devotees
November 15,2011
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Though there there are many temples in this country  Sabarimalai ayyappan temple situated at Panthanthitta district in Kerala State is the famous one among all. Crores and crores of people visit this temple every year. Among these are foreign pilgrims also. Here Lord Ayyappa is in a sitting posture with yoga state alon with chin muthra  as a Brahmachari(one observing celibacy).  The women bhakkthas who go to him for worship should be within the the age group 10 to 50 years. Hence women bhakthas in the age group between 11 to 49 years are not allowed beyond pampa. Even if they come they will be stopped at ganapathi temple at pampa. At the same time if the women police on duty there suspect the women bhakthas who claim thatthey are 50 years old, to prove their age they should show age proof identity  either with driving license or voter identity photo card. On account of the doubt  of the age if the women bhakthas fail to produce any one of the above identity proofs, they will be detained at pampa itself. So women bhakthas can not worship Ayyappa. To avoid such inconveniences it is advised that women should carry both original and Xerox of the identity cards. It is very very impotant that both guruswamis and travel agencies to inform about this well advance so as to avoid inconvenience to the women bhakthas.

Om swamiye saranam Ayyappa.

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